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Yauatcha City launches Supreme Saturdays

The new Supreme Saturdays lunch menu at Yauatcha City may be the most indulgent way to kick off the weekend yet. While the City workers are away, there’s no better day to come out to play. Yauatcha City has brought in a new lunch menu that stretches late into the afternoon, adding a special touch to an otherwise ordinary Saturday. Warm up with a choice of one of three cocktails. Go for the sweet and fragrant lychee martini or the ginger-laced Thea martini which has a healthy kick of chilli. Those who can start off the day with something a bit stronger can jump straight in with a negroni. The meal begins with a selection of steamed dim sum including har gau, pork and prawn shui mai, a Wagyu beef dumpling, a vegetable and truffle wrap, pumpkin and pine nut, and a wild mushroom dumpling. There’s no skimping on filling and each one is as delicate and perfectly succulent as the other. Next up is a medley of fried dim sum that includes a super-crunchy …

Ma’ Plucker opens Southern chicken shop in Soho

Plucky newcomer Ma’ Plucker takes roost in Soho to bring you Southern-style chicken from noon til night. Ma’ Plucker might only have one ingredient as its specialty but it sure knows how to mix things up so you keep coming back for more. Here, in this small-seater restaurant, you’ll find chicken cooked three ways and served up in any combination you wish. First, make a choice from three bases that will determine your level of indulgence – there’s a salad, a house bun or some maple waffles. Next, pick a sauce to accompany your dish, the chirpy staff can offer assistance here if you’re unsure about the most complementary flavour combinations. Then comes the most important decision of the day – choose the style in which your chicken is cooked. You can have the chipotle-rubbed rotisserie, the fried crispy-coated buttermilk or the hickory-spiced pulled chicken. Crispy-coated halloumi cheese is also available for vegetarians and if you’re feeling a bit rebellious, you can even opt for the BBQ-braised beef short rib sub. But chicken is the …

Jean-Jacques Brasserie and Wine Bar opens in Soho

From Moscow and St. Petersburg to London, Jean-Jacques brings all-day classic French dining to Soho. It’s easy enough to neglect the good old tried and tested classics amongst the excitement of the latest foodie import or craziest foodie concoction that Soho is so renowned for. But when exhaustion kicks in and all you want is just a bit of the familiar, it’s good to know there are plenty of places you can turn to within striking distance. Jean-Jacques is one such place for fuss-free, traditional French food done well. It is set across three floors with a causal bar in the basement, a café decked out in black, white and red on the ground floor and a more formal cream and golden-accented, mirrored-ceiling restaurant upstairs with an outdoor terrace for open-air dining if the weather permits. Bar a couple of Russian dishes, there aren’t any surprises on the French menu. A trio of lightly seared scallops (£10) has a lovely herbaceous hit from the salsa verde and tomato fondue. A simple but generously layered endive …

Bottomless Kate Moss Champagne coupe lunch at 34

Mayfair restaurant 34 livens up lunch with the irresistible offer of bottomless Champagne. Just find an occasion, any occasion, to head to 34 for lunch soon because for a limited time only, you’ll be able to enjoy complimentary top-ups of Champagne. Just order two courses along with a single glass of Champagne and all your subsequent top-ups will be free for the duration of your meal. Use whatever tactics you like to help stretch out the time for maximum Champagne pleasure. You could try repeatedly requesting “more time” to decide what you will order in the first instance, or when your meal arrives, whip the phone out and photograph your dish from every conceivable angle, then spend some more time reviewing the pictures before duly posting on Instagram. Then repeat the process with your companion’s meal. Or, you could just order a third course and enjoy dessert at lunchtime too – if you’re having Champagne, you might as well go all-out and take your sweet time with a double whammy of treats. Do find the …

The Clocktower at The New York EDITION

TIME TO DINE Granted, it’s far to travel for the food alone but when in New York, it’s reassuring to know there’s somewhere you can head to when you’re missing the comfort of British food. The Clocktower, Jason’s Atherton’s first US restaurant, graces The New York EDITION hotel with a menu of hearty dishes and a 300-bottle wine list. Overlooking Madison Square Park, the restaurant is a handsome fusion of oak and mahogany interiors with gold leaf-framed black and white photographs and flashes of rose, electric blue and lime green seating to define each of the dining rooms. (The Clocktower at The New York EDITION in Manhattan, New York City.

Take Note: Ten Lifestyle Concierge

It takes a pretty special team to be able to deliver on the most extravagant to the most exacting of requests but for Ten Lifestyle Concierge, such is their forte. Here, one of team’s restaurant lifestyle managers Melvyna Mumunie shares the secrets that only those “in the know” know to help you get the most out of the London dining scene. 1. Supper clubs are nothing new but Robin Gill from The Dairy’s Bloodshot series of late night dinners caught my attention. Every month one of London’s top chefs takes over the stove. It kicks off at 1am and carries on until sunrise. It’s mainly for London’s hard-working kitchen staff but four members of the public can attend each month. 2. Demand at any of Jason Atherton’s new openings is always high and always justified – Social Eating House snapped up a Michelin star after five months. Few know about the counter table downstairs overlooking the main kitchen – you’ll struggle to find a more intimate chef’s table in the capital. 3. Speakeasy-style drinking dens …

Moti Mahal cranks up the spice

THE SPICE OF LIFE Whilst this elegant Indian restaurant is primely positioned to cater for the ‘one-stop and they’re off’ pre-theatre dinner crowd, the joy that comes from its heart-warming meals should warrant a repeat return. Expect rich and colourful flavours from spiced scallops to tongue-tingling chicken tikka and fragrant Tandoori tiger prawns. The dishes are perfect for sharing and if you can, grab a seat by the curved glass screen where you can catch an early show of your chefs at work in the kitchen. Moti Mahal, 45 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5AA.

Yauatcha opens in the City

YAUATCHA COMIN’ AT YA From one foodie hub to another, fans of the Soho-based mainstay can now tread into Broadgate Circle in the City for a spot of stellar dim sum. Whether steamed, baked, grilled or fried, expect perfectly executed dishes and a happy dining experience whether you’re seated in the expansive and familiarly stylish dining room, or al fresco on the terrace. If you want a treat to take away, there’s a standalone patisserie downstairs with the most beautiful array of cakes and macarons. Yauatcha City, 1 Broadgate Circle, London EC2M 2QS.

Melt Room – ultimate grilled cheeses

READY FOR A GRILLING This is no ordinary sandwich shop. The team here have really cranked up the heat on the cheese sandwich to produce a mouth-watering menu of molten cheese melts that should more than satisfy your snack cravings. With the calibre of ingredient combinations on offer, you’ve got a fair meal on your hands, for these posh grilled cheeses ooze indulgence from the first bite, from slow-cooked lamb and mustard to pulled pork and apple chutney melts. Melt Room, 26 Noel Street, Soho, London W1F 8GY.

Fu Manchu dim sum and cocktail bar

MARCH TO THE ARCH There’s a lot more fun to be had under railway arches than first meets the eye. One particular repurposed arch in Clapham now houses a riotous late night sum and cocktail bar with the fictional Chinese villain Fu Manchu serving as its inspiration. There’s a great selection of well-prepared, piping hot dim sum with steamed har gau (king prawn) and siu mai (prawn and chicken) dumplings a highlight. There are cocktails aplenty too which come infused with tea and Asian spices in keeping with the theme and you can even stay on til the early hours if you can’t bear to prise yourself away so soon. Fu Manchu, 15-16 Lendal Terrace, Clapham, London SW4 7UX.