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Must bake: muffins, granola bars and a tart

There is no better time than right now to get into the baking spirit and to help get you started, you couldn’t ask for three easier and tastier recipes than these by The Great British Bake Off’s first ever winner Edd Kimber. Oat and Raisin Muffins Makes 6 Ingredients: 150g plain flour 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 125g Jordans Crunchy Oat Granola with Raisins and Almonds 100ml vegetable oil 125g light brown sugar 75ml whole milk 2 large eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract How to: Preheat oven to 180C and line a muffin pan with six paper wrappers. Mix flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Then, add Jordans granola and mix. In another bowl, add oil, sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla extract and whisk. Then add to dry ingredients and gently mix – avoid over-mixing, a few lumps are fine. Divide batter between the paper cases. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden and risen. Allow to cool in pan for 10 minutes, then place on a wire rack to cool completely. …

Must cook the book: Treme

For a taster of modern day New Orleans, you would do well to start in the kitchen. After all, there’s nothing like a plateful of food to help bring the traditions and flavours of a city to life. Based on Treme, a US television series named after a city in New Orleans, Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans reads like a culinary love story for the city. The cookbook features over 100 recipes that showcase and celebrate the heritage and spirit of the city. Included are dishes such as crawfish ravioli, Creole succotash, bread pudding and different variations of gumbo. There are also wonderful stories revealing the history and traditions of various dishes to give you further insight into the city and its cuisine. Pick up a book and let the journey begin. Treme by Lolis Eric Elie, published by Chronicle. £18.99, available at The HBO Store

Desert Island Dishes

What better time to sharpen up your culinary skills and add a few recipes to your repertoire than during the indulgent Christmas holiday. But if the choice between the chefs and their cookbooks are too vast, you might be wise to pick up Desert Island Dishes. The cookbook contains contributions from over 60 chefs including Gary Rhodes, Rick Stein, Albert Roux and John Williams, as well as those who are members of the Academy of Culinary Arts. There is also a foreword by Brian Turner and an introduction by Jay Rayner. Compiled by the Maldon Salt Company, in celebration of their 130th birthday, the cookbook features recipes that each chef deemed to be their very own desert island dish, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Making use of Maldon sea salt within each set of ingredients, some of the recipes include scallop with pork cheek and morcilla (Spanish black pudding), herb-baked chicken with a sea salt crust and a chocolate crumble with butterscotch sauce and hazelnut ice-cream. What’s not to like? …