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Doubling up – taming frizz

Combine clever technology with targeted haircare for super-charged protection against frizz and flyaways THE PERFECT BLOW DRY Give your blow dry extra smoothing power with a light touch of some Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. Not only does it reduce drying time, the silicones form a shield around the cuticle, protecting the hair from temperamental winter conditions that can otherwise make the hair unruly very quickly. (£18.95, Is there no end to the joy that diamonds can bring? It seems not, for they are destined to help us banish bad hair days forever too. The Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon Blow Dryer has a diamond-infused grille that releases frizz-controlling ions so hair dries with a smooth, glossy finish. It’s as close to a salon blow dry as you can get at home. (£63.99, STRAIGHT TO THE TOP When hair is weak or damaged, even subtle temperature changes can trigger a hair disaster. The answer is to repair it, from the inside out. With antioxidant-rich prickly pear seed oil, the Christophe Robin Regenerating …

WOW Mask

This one-use gel mask is great for getting your skin in order before a big event. Just place it on the face and peel off when dry. You do need about 40 minutes for the best results but it does leave the skin incredibly moisturised and plump. It also shrinks the pores so the skin appears perfectly smooth and radiant if you want to step out make-up free. (£99.99 for five masks,

MIMI Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask

With this DIY kit, you know every ingredient that goes into your face mask and best of all, it’s all natural. Combine the pre-prepared clay, spirulina, oat oil and green jasmine pearls for a freshly-made batch each time. A mean green mask that mops up excess oil and nourishes the skin leaving it clean, supple and glowing. (£22,

Kaeso Rebalancing Facial Mask

Ideal for tackling congested skin, particularly the T-zone, this creamy clay mask draws out impurities and calms the skin down without drying out it out. Rinse off the residue and you’ll notice instantly how bright and clear the skin looks. Keep up the results by applying it once a week. (£10.99,

Aloree Skin Rescue Radiant Face Mask

Harnessing the anti-ageing properties of chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants (young barley shoots in this case) that absorbs sunlight, this natural mask helps to detoxify and brighten the skin in just three minutes. Or, leave on for 10 minutes for an extra boost of moisture and radiance – it’ll be worth it. (£24,

Green People Vita Min Mask

A highly moisturising mask with fragrant notes of mandarin and bergamot oil that nourishes the skin with a burst of vitamins. It works wonders on softening up any pesky dry patches and leaves the skin with a clear glow. Also, being rich in antioxidants, it helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. (£15.95,

Magnificent Seven: super anti-agers

Turning back the years is a tricky task but pick the right tools and you’ll be set for life. To give you a helping hand, we present a stash of super anti-agers we’d rush to have in our box.   Aromatherapy Associates Rose Infinity Serum £114, A powerful botanical serum that uses soy, yeast proteins and gardenia stem cells to kickstart lagging collagen production and re-densify the skin so it is firmer and smoother. Results are more dramatic after three weeks but you’ll notice a marked improvement in texture and radiance after just a few days’ use. Gazelli Ultimate Firming Serum £75, Contains White Oil, a natural healing ingredient exclusive to the brand that helps the skin to regenerate at a cellular level so it acts, feels and looks like younger skin would. It’s also wonderfully hydrating so ideal for protecting the skin when temperatures plunge. Time Bomb Collagen Bomb £39, A highly effective cream that is deceiving in its lightness as it comes fully-loaded with antioxidant, regenerative and hydrating ingredients to …

O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque

Using only natural botanical ingredients and nourishing oils such as argan and sweet almond that hair loves, this gorgeous treatment can turn the most unmanageable and unruly of hair around in just seven days. But this is deceiving – we can vouch that dry hair in real need of a moisture injection was softer, shiner and smoother after just one use. £26,

Superfood LX Intelligence

A brilliant multi-purpose hair treatment that cares and repairs. Use once a week as an intensive moisturising mask to restore dry and lacklustre hair to its former brilliance. Or, use as a blow-dry aid for added protection and softness before styling. The results are superb and hair feels incredibly nourished. Clearly, it works as divinely as it smells. £21,

Urban Retreat – beauty at home

From the treatment room at Urban Retreat to the comfort of your own bathroom, this deep cleansing mask helps to draw out the week’s impurities, leaving the skin clearer, brighter and more refined as though you’ve just had a professional facial. Urban Retreat The Mask. £35,