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On the cuff

Big, bold and fiddle-free, cuffs are the perfect show-off summer accessory so we’ve lined up a handful of our favourites to help you get you off the mark. Make like a Grecian goddess and team your summer outfit with this elegant 18k gold-plated cuff. Its large caged design is quite apt as this wrist candy is sure to capture plenty of attention from onlookers. (Adin & Royale La Cage Cuff. £210, If the criss-cross lines look familiar, that would be because this cuff takes its design inspiration from its logo. Made from silver polished brass, this cuff will be given its chance to shine when worn with a simple little black dress. (Jaeger Knot Cuff. £75, You don’t have to worry about your cuff slipping off with this one – the wraparound bracelet snaps on easily thanks to a hinge clasp. The cut-outs either side of the bracelet means you can show off more of your tan too. (Accessoryo Black and Gold Cuff. £11.50, If you’re keeping your outfit simple, you’ve got …

Take Note: XiN – 3D-printed jewellery

With 3D-printers now available at many a designer’s disposal, the race is on for the most fantastical and extravagant of pieces but what to do if you’re of an impatient nature? Well, you could try taking note of this jewellery range for starters.   Created by Chinese designer Xinran Lu, jewellery brand XiN already boasts three collections that have all been 3D-printed in London and which are now available to buy and wear, with prices ranging from £400 to £8,000. The ‘Shan-Shi’ collection (pictured) – translates as ‘Mountain Lion’ in Chinese, features bold, intricate but minimalist shapes along with luminous gemstones and diamonds that have a mesmerising effect on anyone who catches sight of it. Each piece is designed digitally before being 3D-printed, coated in precious metals and hand-finished with any precious stones added along the way. Here, Xinran gives us some insight into the process behind creating the pieces in his collection. “When I finish a digital model, I send it to the 3D printing workshop. Once I have the 3D printing wax model …

Neck it: this season’s must-have neckwear

A seasonal round-up of our favourite neckwear:   Clarice Price Thomas Penumbra Necklace £225, A striking handmade silver pendant with strong architectural shapes reminiscent of the Art Deco era. The glowing rhodolite gemstone will guarantee a few head-turners too. Mawi Thorn De Fluoro Necklace £540, You can’t help but be drawn to the vivid green and pearl-like stones but you’ll need a sharp eye to spot the spike clusters adorning the necklace. A warning for all admiring onlookers – you can look but don’t dare touch. SWYC Silver Bar Necklace From £24, This has your name all over it. Well, it can do. Just specify your personalisation and it will be hand-stamped to order. Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf £165, Selfridges One for the rebel. Dramatic yet delicate, this monochrome silk-chiffon scarf proves that skulls can be pretty and stylish. Janey Whitehorn Brooklyn Scarf From £45, Transfixed by the rippling bold colours? Yes, us too. The trick lies in the way the silk scarf is dyed, using rakes, styluses and brushes …

You’re a Rock Star: Tresor Paris Club 7 topaz necklace

You don’t want a necklace that just makes a statement. You want a necklace that makes everything come to a halt. And we think this super-sized jewelled beauty will do the trick rather nicely. The enormous 225-carat blue topaz, set in 18-carat white gold and diamond-encrusted, needs eight claws to hold it firmly in place, each of which feature a set of 3-carat diamonds of their own. Even a triple chain strong enough to hold the weight is necessary. There is no support act here – every single part of this necklace is superlative in its role and determined not to be outshone. Impressive. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Price: just under £50,000.

Jewels: give me five

It’s comforting to know that when all else fails, you can always rely on jewellery to put a smile on your face. Here are our picks of the prettiest jewels to help brighten up your day. ABOVE: A striking but opulent cocktail ring with wonderfully deep and vivid Swarovski crystals that will add drama to any outfit. Anton Heunis Belle Époque ring (£83, ABOVE: Here’s a way to make a statement. This bold necklace with an array of topaz green, baby pink and smokey-coloured crystals is guaranteed to turn heads. MAIOCCI Mauka Pearl Green necklace (£310,   ABOVE: Show-stopping yet elegant, this gun metal grey bangle is perfectly accented with the ocean blue tones of two giant crystals. Melissa Kandiyoti Jewels Duchess bangle (£199, ABOVE: Who wouldn’t go green with envy at the sight of this eye-wateringly expensive but equally breath-taking 18ct white gold and emerald beauty? Theo Fennell Gemfields Emerald necklace (£15,950, ABOVE: You really can’t ask for more than diamonds and rubies, especially when they’re set this simply and …

Around the twist

This gorgeous Gia Belloni sterling silver pendant with a twisted, brushed rhodium metal plate is perfect for making a statement without going over the top. (£225,

Tresor Paris: daintily does it

You know, going big and bold with your jewellery isn’t the only way to turn heads. There’s something about the very fine, barely-there nature of more delicate and dainty pieces that make them somewhat more alluring. Is it the glint that suddenly catches the eye but being so subtle, you almost miss it, so intrigued and curious for another glance, you long to look again, only more up-close this time? Quite possibly. Need examples? We can give you three from the Tresor Paris Bellatrix collection. ABOVE: Classical in style, this almost feather-light Altesse Bleu bracelet (£89) with its royal blue crystal centrepiece commands attention. ABOVE: With five plain white gold-plated stainless steel beads serving as decoration, Pluie Argent (£49) is simplicity at its best. ABOVE: Or you can take simplicity up a step with this triple-threaded sterling silver Flocon bracelet (£79) featuring five glittering white crystal-coated beads.

Rising star – Lily Kamper

Lily Kamper, Textile & Accessories Designer Being a graduate is tough. Working towards that first break is even tougher. But one person, whose talent for creating achingly cool and covetable accessories and has been in demand pretty much since the day she left the Royal College of Art, is Lily Kamper. After plenty of exhibitions including Scoop International at the Saatchi Gallery, London and Premier Vision, Paris, along with commissions for Nike and trend-forecaster WGSN, Lily is now producing her A/W 2013 jewellery collection. With a penchant for Perspex and dyes and an inclination for combining unusual materials, Lily’s vision has strong commercial appeal for today’s highly design-conscious market. To create her jewellery, small blocks of Perspex, Corian and brass (which are then gold and silver plated) are turned meticulously on a lathe. The Perspex pieces are dip-dyed to create an ombre effect and the handmade process means that every piece is entirely unique. The collection was inspired by the structures of pillars, temples and pyramids and by the works of Dan Flavin, Bernd and …

Yes WeWood

Now here’s a timepiece that’s worth treasuring. Made from 100% natural wood and completely free of any toxic materials, the WeWood watch is one that has been thoughtfully produced and designed. It is solid but surprisingly lightweight and is available in an array of styles and wood-complementary colours, Plus, no matter which one you buy, a new tree will be planted in its place to go full circle on the process. From £89,

Go Wild – Theo Fennell Safari ‘Arts

These stunning animal pendants inspired by the elegance and majesty of the great, wild African animals, form part of the Safari ‘Arts collection by Theo Fennell. Crafted from 18ct gold and set with diamonds and sapphires, each animal pendant has a limited edition of 50 (imprinted into the gold), making the pieces even more covetable. Lion ‘Art Pendant, (18ct yellow gold with diamonds and yellow sapphires), £2,850 Giraffe ‘Art Pendant (18ct yellow gold with white and brown diamonds), £4,350 Elephant ‘Art Pendant (18ct white gold with diamonds), £6,250