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The best Christmas gifts for the house-proud

Your home is your theatre, show it off   Anatomy Boutique Arteries plate £50, “That’s a pretty plate. What is it?” “Oh, some arteries.” How’s that for a conversation starter? If like us, you’re mesmerised by the anatomical illustration on this beautiful hand-guilded, bone china plate, you might like to know there’s a whole set with further anatomy-inspired designs to impress upon your dining guests. – – – – – HAM Superhero Rabbit Screen Print From £29, This artwork perfectly sums up our mood. A simple and elegant, hand-made screen print featuring a silhouette of a daredevil rabbit is the perfect reminder for always putting a spring in your step. – – – – – Sabichi Owl Cushion £15.50, If you’re after an adorable decorative cushion, this ‘goes with everything’ owl design is a pretty wise choice. – – – – – Madebyzen Fresh Mint and Grapefruit Candle £21.99, A bright and beautiful scented candle that fills the room with natural fresh and fruity notes for hours. Better still, the food-grade …

The best Christmas gifts for those who like a tipple

Who doesn’t at this time of year?   Absolut Andy Warhol Edition £21.99, Harvey Nichols What a collectable for Andy Warhol fans – and one which will be proudly displayed we’re sure. The latest in Absolut’s art collaborations sees the artist’s original painting of the vodka bottle transferred onto the actual bottle itself. Certainly the exception to your otherwise impeccable recycling habits. – – – – – Belsazar White Vermouth £24.99, Selfridges Newly launched in the UK, this German vermouth will make you see this traditional drink in a new light. Sweet, with full-bodied notes of peach and orange, and delicate herb and spice tones, you can’t help but have this served neat. Plus, it makes for a wonderful alternative to a dessert wine. – – – – – Bowmore Black Rock Gift Pack £44.99, A rich and smoky single malt whisky with notes of burnt orange, cocoa beans and treacle toffee – ideal for rounding off with at the end of a long night. And park your glass on one of the slate …

The best Christmas gifts for foodies

Because everything tastes better with chocolate   Godiva Chef Inspirations £26, Now this is a fine showcase of chocolate if there ever was one. Divine flavours such as banana-coconut ganache and Sichuan pepper and black tea mousse are the result of four Godiva chocolatiers taking inspiration from far-flung location to produce a single, exotic collection that will excite even the most well-travelled of chocolate fiends. – – – – – The Marshmallowists Hot Choc Kit £20, If you think any plain old marshmallows with a mug of molten hot chocolate will do, this set will make you think again. There are enough 70% dark chocolate shards for four helpings, a Le Creuset mug and two pairs of gourmet mallows – peppermint and brandy-soaked spiced fruit – to liven the whole thing up. – – – – – PAUL Buche Roulee Chocolat £28.95, No prizes for guessing who wins the crown for Best Chocolate Log. This one contains almond biscuit, milk chocolate and dark chocolate mousse. Perfect for whipping out to impress dinner …

Origami’s in fashion: create miniature clothing out of paper

Looking for a fun way to while away the time? How about creating your own fashionable, mini paper wardrobe? It’s about time you got an upgrade on your origami skills, especially if your prowess only stretches as far as the ‘chatterbox’ (or ‘fortune teller’) creation that played such an integral part of primary school life. Introducing the Fashion Origami Set which provides all the instructions (and the paper) for producing dozens of essential wardrobe items, from hats, shoes and bags to underwear, shirts and dresses. There are 28 pages of instructions and 120 sheets of paper, so there’s plenty of opportunity to hone your paper-folding skills into something a little more impressive. £6 from

Say it with a card

It’s all too easy to just fire off an email but if you want to do things properly, pick up one of these beautifully charming Prantl notecards illustrated by Kera Till. With 20 different designs, you now have 20 different excuses for putting pen to paper. (From £3.30 per card,

Parisian pop-ups

It’s a pop-up card but not as you know it. Part of the Spots Paris range, this 3D card by Paper Tango of the Louvre is beautifully intricate, having been laser-cut to perfection. A gift card that’s almost too good to gift. What a dilemma! (£5.99,

Easter chocs to get your teeth into

What better way to celebrate a four-day weekend than to indulge in a bit of chocolate? If you still have room, here are our top five Easter choc picks.   Too good to eat (almost) Now this really is a work of art. If budget allows, this is the one to get if you’re all-out to impress. The wonderfully crafted Toque Chef chocolate sculpture, created by Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef at La Maison du Chocolat, (£116, from La Maison du Chocolat stores) features dark, milk, white and blond (yes, blond) chocolate, as well as praline eggs. For those who are curious, blond chocolate is essentially caramelised white chocolate. Divine. – – – – – Super-sized bunny Here’s a chocolate bunny to rule all chocolate bunnies. Weighing in at a choctastic 1kg, this giant but charming Lindt Gold Bunny (£35.99, available from supermarkets nationwide) will keep you sweet for months. And because you’ll want to show it off on-the-go, it even comes with a handy springtime-decorated carrier case. – – – – – THE Easter egg …

Brighten up with the Elemis Radiance Collections

There’s no better feeling (or look, for that matter) than going into the New Year all fresh-faced and glowing. But getting started and falling into a healthy routine can be tough, so you might want to turn to the new Elemis Radiance Collections for a little helping hand. Whether it’s dryness, dullness, uneven skin texture or excessive oil holding your skin back, there’s a kit to help out with that. Each set: Rehydrating, Illuminating, Resurfacing and Balancing, contains a specially paired, full-size cleanser and toner along with a mini Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm and possibly best of all, each set costs almost half of what it would do should each product be purchased individually. If that doesn’t brighten you up this January, nothing will. The sets cost £30 – £35 and are available at

Sweet treats to gift this Christmas

Gifting can be tricky business but if you can’t afford to get it wrong, you’ll be safe with any one of our picks of the most charming gifts in town this Christmas. You know the rule: if in doubt, spend it on chocolates and you won’t go far wrong. But if you pick up this Lindt Master Chocolatier Collection (£12.99 at supermarkets nationwide), you’ll be onto an outright winner. Not least because it includes a crowd-pleasing 16 different chocolate recipes including a velvety raspberry ganache and a smooth almond truffle. Hmm, bliss in a box. – – – – – Awww! Our sentiments exactly. Hidden inside its bell-shaped home, the Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil will help to reinvigorate the senses during the cold, dark winter when you need it most. And the bonus? When this Little Bell (£10 at is not in use, it can sit pretty on the Christmas tree whilst the fragrance emanating from the box lingers and scents the room. – – – – – One of …

Must indulge – Lindor Caramel chocolate truffles

If you’re going to give yourself a chocolately treat, here’s how you do it properly. These Lindor Caramel truffles deserve to be savoured, from the crisp unravelling of the golden wrappers to the meltingly soft bite of the milk chocolate shell and smooth caramel truffle centre. Beautifully fragrant and insanely delicious, these little balls of joy are just the thing you need to help keep the sweet tooth sweet. £4.59 (200g), available at supermarkets nationwide.