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Art Love Affair: London Art Fair

Get your year off to an enlightening start by finding a talented new artist or compelling piece of work to fall in love with. But where to find enlightenment? Try the London Art Fair for the best in modern British and contemporary art. You might want to visit the fair’s Photo50 exhibition too to explore this year’s ‘Feminine Masculine’ theme through 50 provocative photographs. Tickets on the door cost £20 (£15 in advance). Runs from 20 – 24 January 2016. Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 0QH. (Pictured: LISE by Raphael Thierry. Oil on canvas. Chauchet)

Playing it cool: Eyeskate at Southbank

If you’re going to be cold you might as well have fun doing so. Head to Frostival along the South Bank which may well be the coolest Christmas hangout in London thanks to its array of brilliant wintry experiences. With the London Eye as your backdrop, you’d be missing out on a trick if you didn’t take to the Eyeskate rink for a few laps. Make sure you have a spin in the Eye too for there are particularly tasty cocktail and Champagne capsules that’ll guarantee a very merry ride. Eyeskate from £9.45 per adult, Winter Cocktail Experience from £40.50 and Champagne Experience from £28.80. Open until 3 January 2016.

Go off the grid at free Innocent Un-plugged festival

Innocent launches Un-plugged, a new weekend festival in the woods that lets you escape the city and go technology-free. Switch it off and leave it behind – there’s a whole other world beyond your phone, you know. This is the premise behind Innocent Un-plugged, a festival that encourages you to go offline and enjoy the moment you’re in for just one weekend. Guests will be sent to a secret location in the woods in Kent, one free of Wi-Fi, 3G and electricity, where a weekend of live music, forest banquets (with plenty of smoothies available, naturally), inspirational speakers, spas and yoga will set into motion, taking you away from the cares of city life. Be warned though – any revellers caught using their devices will have to face a penalty challenge. There will be a ‘people-powered’ disco with music provided by DJ Norman Jay and The Correspondents, along with a brilliantly diverse range of acts including brass bands, electric violinists and even a flute-beatboxer. Lycra-clad ‘Mr Motivator’ will also make an appearance to get the …

Alice’s Adventures Underground at The Vaults

An ambitious new theatre project by Les Enfants Terribles and Emma Brünjes Productions takes you down the rabbit hole and into the heart of Wonderland. “DRINK ME” or “EAT ME”.  You need only make one decision but it will play a part in how your experience unfolds in this marvellously mad, subterranean production of Alice’s Adventures Underground. Though the production bears her name, Alice is decidedly absent for the most part but this only serves to place the audience at the heart of the story – you may be following in Alice’s footsteps but this is most certainly your adventure underground. The Vaults at Waterloo is the perfect home for Wonderland, playing host to 33 specially-designed sets that bring this fantastical, imagined world to life. Here, you’ll get to see, touch, taste and interact with everything and everyone that you encounter, from burrowing your way through secret bookcases, landing in dizzying digital zoetropes, diving for cover in Tweedledum and Tweedledee’s nursery to facing the formidable Queen of Hearts in her court. Although 56 people enter …

Punchdrunk launches immersive storytelling app Silverpoint

New storytelling-gaming app by Absolut, Punchdrunk and Somethin’ Else lets you explore the mystery of a missing girl known as Chloe in a series of digital games and live experiences that bring you closer to the truth. If you want to solve the mystery, you’ve got to work for it. Only by playing the app game and committing yourself to unlocking all of the necessary stages will you discover the full story of what has happened to character of Chloe. Created by immersive theatre production specialists Punchdrunk along with content agency Somethin’ Else, Silverpoint takes its inspiration from Andy Warhol’s early work – his rarely-seen blotted-line ‘Silverpoint’ drawings, a style that can be seen in one of his sketches of an Absolut vodka bottle. The app is beautifully designed so you can’t help but be glued to the screen and the accompanying twinkling sound effects are entrancing too. The premise is simple – earn enough points in each game to progress to the next level by matching at least three of each symbol. You’ll soon …

Study art in style: London Art Studies

What a wonderful way to spend a lunchtime or evening and fast-track your art knowledge. The London Art Studies team have lined up a series of compelling art lectures ranging from The Legacy of Picasso to The Saatchi Decade and the YBAs (Young British Artists), all led by expert art insiders to give you an insightful and thoroughly immersive learning experience. As for your classroom, we hope the Bulgari Hotel will suffice? Right, we’ll see you there then. (Tickets range from £50 – £175. Various lectures run from Jan – Mar 2015. Book at

Tricks and thrills: Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA

Cirque du Soleil returns to the Royal Albert Hall with their production KOOZA in the new year. Featuring an entertaining mix of thrilling, heart-stopping acrobatics and goofy, clowning-about slapstick fun, the performance will leave you raving for days. (Runs from 6th Jan – 8th Feb 2015. Tickets available at

Grimms’ Fairy Tales come to life: The Hidden House

There’s another immersive experience happening down at Westfield Stratford City and it doesn’t involving shopping. Inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales, The Hidden House lets you explore an abandoned building and forest in a bid to track down the sudden disappearance of Little Red Riding Hood without being captured by the Big Bad Wolf yourself. It comes complete with actors, sound, air and scent effects to bring the experience to life. It’s scarier than you think – choose the extreme experience if you’re brave enough. (Tickets cost £10 (adult). Open until 4th Jan 2015. Book at

Ice extravaganza: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

We’ve heard it all before. You say, “It’s just for kids” but we know deep down you’re pretty amazed by it all yourself. We know as we’ve experienced that predicament first-hand. But Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is no place for your inhibitions, just get on down to The Magical Ice Kingdom and get lost among the awe-inspiring ice sculptures. You don’t have to go down the ice slide if you don’t want to, but the ice thrones may prove too tempting. (Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has free entry. Tickets for The Magical Ice Kingdom cost £10 (adult). Open until 4th Jan 2015.