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Instant Gratification: Christmas stocking fillers

Christmas gifts for ravenous chocolate fiends. Carluccio’s Chocolate Trees Silky smooth and each one individually hand-decorated, these milk, white and dark chocolate trees do look far too good to eat. We give it 10 seconds… £8.95, Lindt x Thomas Sabo Chocolate Bear The treats that come housed in this limited edition gift are two-fold. You get to devour a 500g chocolate bear and then you can show off the beautiful Thomas Sabo charm that accompanies it. £125, PAUL Bûche Chalet Eat this one whilst it’s fresh and admire the handiwork through your taste buds. After all, who can resist layers of almond biscuit and gianduja mousse topped with a praline pastry roof? From £3.95, Flowercard Tea for Two Chocolates Love tea? Or even more fitting, love chocolate? This tin of edible cups, cupcakes, teapots and spoons is perfect for showing off when guests come round for tea. £21,    

Time for choc-tails at Rivington Grill

Love chocolate? This is how you indulge. For a limited time only, you can spoil yourself with a multi-sensory experience that culminates in a chocolate-inspired jolly. Go behind the scenes at chocolate-maker MAST and see the cacao nibs being churned before your very eyes. Your appetite will go into overdrive. Thankfully, a two-course meal, chocolate-infused cocktail and trio of gin truffles awaits over at the Rivington Grill. And as you’re in Shoreditch, it’s only right you have the Hipster X, a chocolate-infused Woodford Reserve concoction. The experience costs £35 per person. Available until 6 January 2016. Rivington Grill, 28-30 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3DZ.

La Patisserie des Reves launches white chocolate collection

To celebrate their first-year anniversary in London, La Patisserie des Reves has collaborated with 10 confectioners from around the globe to create its first white chocolate range. You may be forgiven for thinking that nothing exciting ever happens with white chocolate. That may well be true up until this point because right now, sitting in one of the prettiest stores in Marylebone, is a rather magnificent collection of white chocolate bars that will make you see this childhood treat in a whole new way. No longer the preserve of Milkybar enthusiasts, white chocolate has been re-worked by La Patisserie des Reves in conjunction with 10 confectioners from around the world, all with a love of chocolate, to produce 10 different varieties that should give plenty of appeal to more sophisticated palates. The varieties include: – Vanilla white chocolate with verbena and crunchy pastry: A fragrant bar of chocolate with uplifting citrus notes and a lovely bit of crunch. By Philippe Conticini, La Patisserie des Reves – Plain white chocolate: Made with beans from Venezuela, this …

A dozen cracking chocolate Easter eggs

A head-spinning creation, this 75% cocoa dark chocolate egg is made using Alain Ducasse’s own chocolate brand La Manufacture de Chocolat in Paris. The seemingly pottery-spun, layered quality is entrancing and if you can bear to break it, you’ll be further rewarded with mini fish-themed pralines and plain chocolates. La Manufacture de Chocolat Easter Egg. £45 (400g) at Bulgari Hotel & Residences, 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW. Well, this is ‘uneggspected’. Here’s a chocolate egg that has partly taken on another form and features a multi-faceted, jewel-like design on one side of its otherwise smooth 65% cocoa milk chocolate egg shell. Hotel Chocolat The Supermilk Facet Easter Egg. £18 (200g) at Here’s your chance to lay your hands on a golden egg. Created by Nobu’s own Executive Head Pastry Chef Regis Cursan, this fair-trade chocolate egg features a simple but beautiful rake pattern, reminiscent of Japanese Zen gardens, on one half of its shell. Available in milk or dark chocolate, the egg is finished in a spray of soft gold (also available in …

Heart-shaped Valentine’s Day treats

When words fail you, nothing says it better than a heart-shaped gesture, so here’s our pick of some of the tastiest gifts available for Valentine’s Day. Pierre Marcolini Love Addict Collection £38 (for 36 hearts), Selfridges If this rainbow of chocolate hearts doesn’t brighten up your day, nothing will. There are six irresistible flavours to indulge in from lime, passion fruit and nougat to pistachio, raspberry and salted caramel. Hotel Chocolat The Love Birds £26, Here’s a heart that’s made for breaking. Weighing in at 650g, this pretty chocolate heart is made from salted caramel chocolate on one half and 50% milk praline chocolate with crispy feuilletine flakes on the other. Which side will you take a bite out of first? “Heart to share” dessert at Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester Available as part of the Valentine’s Day menu (from £95), This stunning dessert for two is the perfect way to round off a romantic meal. It has been skillfully created and features decadent layers of chocolate mousse, praline feuilleté and passion fruit …

The best Christmas gifts for foodies

Because everything tastes better with chocolate   Godiva Chef Inspirations £26, Now this is a fine showcase of chocolate if there ever was one. Divine flavours such as banana-coconut ganache and Sichuan pepper and black tea mousse are the result of four Godiva chocolatiers taking inspiration from far-flung location to produce a single, exotic collection that will excite even the most well-travelled of chocolate fiends. – – – – – The Marshmallowists Hot Choc Kit £20, If you think any plain old marshmallows with a mug of molten hot chocolate will do, this set will make you think again. There are enough 70% dark chocolate shards for four helpings, a Le Creuset mug and two pairs of gourmet mallows – peppermint and brandy-soaked spiced fruit – to liven the whole thing up. – – – – – PAUL Buche Roulee Chocolat £28.95, No prizes for guessing who wins the crown for Best Chocolate Log. This one contains almond biscuit, milk chocolate and dark chocolate mousse. Perfect for whipping out to impress dinner …

Food mash-up alert! Introducing Muffles aka marshmallow truffles

Is the world ready for yet another foodie hybrid? When they look this good…err, YES. You’d better prepare for a stampede down at Kensington’s delightful little patisserie Anges de Sucre, for they have just unleashed unto the world one of the most drool-worthy creations yet. These little beauties are marshmallow and chocolate truffles – or to put it more succinctly, Muffles, and there are three different flavours to chomp through. Super Muffle Cindy (above) has a Belgian milk chocolate and crushed caramelised speculoos ‘biscoff’ cookie shell filled with vanilla bean pod marshmallow and a dark chocolate ganache core. Super Muffle Heidi (above) features a Belgian milk and white chocolate marbled shell rolled in roasted crushed peanuts with a vanilla bean pod marshmallow filling and salted caramel centre. Super Muffle Naomi (above) has a Belgian 70% dark chocolate shell covered in crushed hazelnuts filled with a banana puree marshmallow and chocolate and Nutella core. Sweet, crunchy, airy and gooey – all the things one would want in a sweet treat, all rolled into one, so what’s …

A chocolate skull to get your teeth into

Halloween would not be Halloween without a mouth-watering chocolate cranium. Hand-casted by The Black Chocolate Co., this spookily realistic skull is made with solid Belgian chocolate and weighs in at 1.5kg. It’s even finished with a dusting of cocoa powder to complete the ‘freshly dug’ look. Available in milk, dark, caramel chocolate and chilli varieties for £120 each at Selfridges.

When in Switzerland, eat chocolate

You know the rules. And Baur au Lac, Zurich has got the right idea with a package featuring its own line of chocolate ‘1844’ (the year the hotel was established). From white chocolate martinis and chocolate boxes to five-course meals with specially-crafted chocolate desserts, this is our idea of heaven. (1844 Chocolate Special package from £925, double room.

Truffle delights

Wonderfully smooth and creamy, and delicious as you would expect from Lindt, the new Master Chocolatier Collection Truffles is an indulgence you can afford. There are eight dreamy truffles including milk, white and dark chocolate, each one as delectable as the other. (£4,