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The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar Launches New Cocktail Menu

Discover the hotel’s illustrious history through 20 cocktails The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy has delved into its star-studded (but also lesser known yet equally compelling) history as a source of inspiration for its new 20-cocktail drinks menu. Combining well-loved ingredients with more unusual essences like paper and leather, the drinks aim to transport you right into the stories that inspired them. Try Incognito (Patron Anejo, popcorn, Averna, Martini Rubino, walnut – £30) which celebrates the Savoy as Katherine Hepburn’s hotel of choice, whose staff exercised the discretion she needed, and following a stay at Claridge’s where due to the formal dress code, she was unable to pass through the lobby so had to use the staff entrance, or The Savoy Delivers (Bacardi Carta Ocho, Martini Bianco, lime, honey, Indian Spices – £16) which recounts the tale of when a page boy travelled all the way to India to hand deliver a package that a maharajah had left behind. The menu itself takes the form of a beautifully illustrated pop-up book, with one story for …

The best Christmas gifts for…err, myself

Because you must take care of yourself because you can take care of others   50 People of East London by Adam Dant £12.95, Not only is this book beautifully illustrated, it is uncannily accurate in its profiling of all the diverse personalities that make East London brilliant, from the Creative ‘digital thought leader’ typically found on Great Eastern Street, to the ‘massive bush’-carrying Sunday Flower Market Shopper along Columbia Road. – – – – – The Bluebeards Revenge Perfect Man Kit £49.99, How about a gentle nudge for your partner in the grooming department, because if it helps him, it helps you? This set has all the essentials to keep him fresh and fragrant – a ‘does what it says on the box’ type of gift. – – – – – Bomb Cosmetics Berry Christmas Gift Set £7.99, Good enough to make your mouth water, this cracker of a gift contains three fantastically fragrant, fruity bath bombs made with essential oils including neroli, sweet orange and chamomile. – – – – …

Rapper’s Delights: The Hip Hop Cookbook

Who knew food and hip hop could collide to produce something so perfectly tuned as Rapper’s Delights: The Hip Hop Cookbook. Authors Joseph Inniss, Peter Stadden and Ralph Miller did, presenting one of the most entertaining cookbooks we’ve ever come across. There are 30 recipes, each accompanied by artwork from up-and-coming illustrators, featuring genius creations such as Wu-Tang Clam Chowder, Ludacrispy Duck and Public Enemiso Soup. (£9.99, Dokument Press)

Anjum’s Quick & Easy Indian

Anjum’s Quick & Easy Indian by Anjum Anand takes away any fear you might have about preparing Indian dishes yourself. With 80 recipes featuring everything from one-pot meatballs to poached rhubarb with spicy biscuits, this is one cookbook that you can turn to time and time again for really flavoursome inspiration. (£18.99, Quadrille)

La Pâtisserie des Rêves by Philippe Conticini – the recipe book

Now you can recreate your own La Pâtisserie des Rêves “patisserie of dreams” at home If you’ve ever marvelled at the fantastical creations inside La Pâtisserie des Rêves on Marylebone High Street and wondered just how one goes about producing such fine and indulgent cakes and pastries, well it seems master pastry chef Philippe Conticini may have just answered your prayers. The English edition of his best-selling book, which features over 70 recipes, has now been published so you can finally have a go at creating classic French pastries such as the Paris-Brest (choux pastry with praline cream and praline sauce), Saint-Honoré (caramelised puff pastry, cream and choux pastry balls filled with crème pâtissière) and mille-feuille (caramelised puff pastry and vanilla crème pâtissière). Here are two recipes to help get you started. Chocolate Gâteau For 8 people Preparation time: 50 mins Cooking time: 35 mins Refrigeration time: 1 hour FOR THE CHOCOLATE SPONGE 40g dark chocolate 20g milk chocolate 70g butter (+ for the tin) 90g brown sugar 40g flour (+ for the tin) ½ …

A design philosophy: Plain Simple Useful by Sir Terence Conran

Plain, simple, useful. It’s a design mantra that has served Sir Terence Conran well. It is also one that we should take heed of when looking for our own interior and design inspiration. Of looking to objects and surroundings that are indeed plain, simple and useful, Sir Terence Conran explains, “They are as much the antidote to pointless complexity and superficial styling as they are to the shoddy and the second-rate. Applied to the house as a whole, this approach results in interiors that are effortlessly stylish, confident and timeless. In such surroundings, colour sings out, pattern adds verve and there is plenty of room for the expression of personal taste.” Conran’s new book serves as a guide to help you make the most of your living space, from cooking and working, to sleeping and bathing, and all at a cost you can afford. It provides insight into the designs and techniques employed for an orderly and functional home and includes his recommendations of items that can help to enhance easy and contemporary living – …

Dreaming of an exotic getaway?

This book may do one of two things: inspire you to seek out your next exotic getaway, or make you cry with envy – beautiful things can do that to people. A two-volume compilation of 100 stunning hotels from around the globe, from Abu Dhabi to Vietnam, Taschen’s 100 Getaways around the World is the ultimate guide to travelling through glossy photographs. Here are a few tasters: Taschen’s 100 Getaways around the World costs £34.99 and is available from

The best story not yet told? The Story of Design

It is easy to take for granted those little things which enable us to tick along comfortably and efficiently, day in day out, without appreciating just how good we’ve got it and how far we’ve come, and in just the past few years alone, in the design and technology stakes. Our demand for more and better than we currently have is an overwhelming and never-ending quest that is the driving force behind modern day innovation and design – mainly through the means of technology. As Charlotte and Peter Fiell, design historians and authors of The Story of Design, explain, design is simply a means of problem-solving, a quality that is built into our DNA, the result of which has and will continue to shape and improve the way and world in which we live. The Story of Design, seemingly the first book of its kind, chronicles this very evolution of design from rudimentary stone tools made by chipping away flint in the pre-historic era, to the advent of mass manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution which …

Must read: The World According to Karl

Sharp, witty and amusing, he certainly is, contradictory and controversial, he can be, but forgettable, Karl Lagerfeld is not. Now, celebrating his musings on everything from life, design and books to his mother, fashion and Chanel, this brilliant Karlism compilation should leapfrog its way immediately onto your coffee table. With over 50 beautiful accompanying illustrations by Charles Ameline, the book contains such gems as: “I’ve become like a Lacoste alligator. Soon I’ll have to be sewn onto clothes” “Jogging pants are a sign of defeat. You’ve lost control of your life, so you go out in jogging pants” “My mother also said: ‘I’m going to have to take you to the upholsterer. Your nostrils are too big – they need curtains.’” The World According to Karl (Thames & Hudson), edited by Jean-Christophe Napias and Patrick Mauriès. £18.95, available at

Must cook the book: Treme

For a taster of modern day New Orleans, you would do well to start in the kitchen. After all, there’s nothing like a plateful of food to help bring the traditions and flavours of a city to life. Based on Treme, a US television series named after a city in New Orleans, Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans reads like a culinary love story for the city. The cookbook features over 100 recipes that showcase and celebrate the heritage and spirit of the city. Included are dishes such as crawfish ravioli, Creole succotash, bread pudding and different variations of gumbo. There are also wonderful stories revealing the history and traditions of various dishes to give you further insight into the city and its cuisine. Pick up a book and let the journey begin. Treme by Lolis Eric Elie, published by Chronicle. £18.99, available at The HBO Store