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Dreaming of an exotic getaway?

This book may do one of two things: inspire you to seek out your next exotic getaway, or make you cry with envy – beautiful things can do that to people. A two-volume compilation of 100 stunning hotels from around the globe, from Abu Dhabi to Vietnam, Taschen’s 100 Getaways around the World is the ultimate guide to travelling through glossy photographs. Here are a few tasters: Taschen’s 100 Getaways around the World costs £34.99 and is available from

Karl Lagerfeld opens UK flagship store in London

London’s Regent Street has just been given a serious dose of kudos with the opening of Karl Lagerfeld’s first UK flagship store. Set over 250 sq. m , the monochrome haven houses men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections, accessories ranging from handbags and scarves to watches and eyewear, as well as a healthy collection of Karl essentials – fingerless gloves, collars, Karl dolls and books including The World According to Karl. There is also a British-inspired collection featuring the Union Jack flag which adorns basics like jumpers and sneakers. Many also have Karl’s unmistakeable silhouette emblazoned on the flag as a marker of his arrival in the UK. Meanwhile the store itself comes fully kitted with technology. You’ll find iPads fitted to each clothing rack displaying the vision of each collection, photo booths in the changing rooms where you can take a snap of your outfit, apply a Karl-inspired filter before uploading it onto social media, and a digital guestbook from which Karl will Tweet his favourite messages. Karl Lagerfeld, 145-147 Regent Street, London, W1B 4JD. …

The best story not yet told? The Story of Design

It is easy to take for granted those little things which enable us to tick along comfortably and efficiently, day in day out, without appreciating just how good we’ve got it and how far we’ve come, and in just the past few years alone, in the design and technology stakes. Our demand for more and better than we currently have is an overwhelming and never-ending quest that is the driving force behind modern day innovation and design – mainly through the means of technology. As Charlotte and Peter Fiell, design historians and authors of The Story of Design, explain, design is simply a means of problem-solving, a quality that is built into our DNA, the result of which has and will continue to shape and improve the way and world in which we live. The Story of Design, seemingly the first book of its kind, chronicles this very evolution of design from rudimentary stone tools made by chipping away flint in the pre-historic era, to the advent of mass manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution which …

Sweet treats to gift this Christmas

Gifting can be tricky business but if you can’t afford to get it wrong, you’ll be safe with any one of our picks of the most charming gifts in town this Christmas. You know the rule: if in doubt, spend it on chocolates and you won’t go far wrong. But if you pick up this Lindt Master Chocolatier Collection (£12.99 at supermarkets nationwide), you’ll be onto an outright winner. Not least because it includes a crowd-pleasing 16 different chocolate recipes including a velvety raspberry ganache and a smooth almond truffle. Hmm, bliss in a box. – – – – – Awww! Our sentiments exactly. Hidden inside its bell-shaped home, the Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil will help to reinvigorate the senses during the cold, dark winter when you need it most. And the bonus? When this Little Bell (£10 at is not in use, it can sit pretty on the Christmas tree whilst the fragrance emanating from the box lingers and scents the room. – – – – – One of …

Must read: The World According to Karl

Sharp, witty and amusing, he certainly is, contradictory and controversial, he can be, but forgettable, Karl Lagerfeld is not. Now, celebrating his musings on everything from life, design and books to his mother, fashion and Chanel, this brilliant Karlism compilation should leapfrog its way immediately onto your coffee table. With over 50 beautiful accompanying illustrations by Charles Ameline, the book contains such gems as: “I’ve become like a Lacoste alligator. Soon I’ll have to be sewn onto clothes” “Jogging pants are a sign of defeat. You’ve lost control of your life, so you go out in jogging pants” “My mother also said: ‘I’m going to have to take you to the upholsterer. Your nostrils are too big – they need curtains.’” The World According to Karl (Thames & Hudson), edited by Jean-Christophe Napias and Patrick Mauriès. £18.95, available at

Must cook the book: Treme

For a taster of modern day New Orleans, you would do well to start in the kitchen. After all, there’s nothing like a plateful of food to help bring the traditions and flavours of a city to life. Based on Treme, a US television series named after a city in New Orleans, Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans reads like a culinary love story for the city. The cookbook features over 100 recipes that showcase and celebrate the heritage and spirit of the city. Included are dishes such as crawfish ravioli, Creole succotash, bread pudding and different variations of gumbo. There are also wonderful stories revealing the history and traditions of various dishes to give you further insight into the city and its cuisine. Pick up a book and let the journey begin. Treme by Lolis Eric Elie, published by Chronicle. £18.99, available at The HBO Store

Tiziana Terenzi – the mother of all scented candles?

Here’s a very special treat for scented candle enthusiasts. Having produced candles for the likes of Acqua Di Parma, Ferragamo and Gucci, Tiziana Terenzi have created a stunning new collection of six fragranced candles under their own name. Every aspect of the candles has been incredibly well thought out, from the ingredients to the packaging, down to the way in which it burns. Each candle, housed in black or white glass, which comes embossed with 24-carat gold, has a wooden wick made from two types of wood, which not only intensifies the fragrance but also provides a visual spectacle whilst alight – the flame is stronger and brighter and it flickers and crackles like a log in a fireplace. With 20% pure essences, the candle will fill your entire home with the warmth of its perfume. Plus, whilst it is burning away, the candle releases clean water vapour which helps to humidify the room as well as negative ions which helps to clean the surrounding air. Now that’s thoughtful, clever and beautiful. There are six …

Di Palomo Wild Fig and Grape candle

Let’s get straight to the point – this is easily one of the most addictive scented candles we’ve ever lit up. In its simple, date wood bowl, the candle is entirely unassuming but once alight, the fragrance that emanates from it commands attention. The two-wick, vegetable wax and olive oil-based candle gives a long and even burn and with top notes of grape and gardenia, middle notes of fig, orange blossom and mimosa and a base of sandalwood, amber and vanilla, the scent is beautifully breezy, clean and serene. Having guests heap praise on how lovingly kept your home is, will come easily. The difficulty will lie in your ability to remain in the now, whilst your senses are transported to the dream of blissful, sunny and picturesque Italian countryside, conjured by the fragrance. £20, available from

Scented candles – find your match

Lighting up a scented candle is a sure-fire way to turn your home into a haven. Here are our favourite fragrant pickings. Affection Heaven by Deborah Mitchell The name says it all. This grapeseed and soya organic wax candle has deeply soothing coconut and vanilla oils that smell good enough to eat. £21.38, ———- Sanderson Primavera Mandarin Blossom and Neroli Transport your senses to sunnier climes in an instant with this exotically sweet and enlivening mandarin blossom, neroli oil and magnolia blend. £18, ———- Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Prepare yourself for a mouth-watering experience every time you light up this strawberry ice-cream scented candle. A perfect summer accompaniment. £19.99, ———- Jonathan Ward Fig Ultimatum Fill your room with real warmth and elegance by lighting up this two-wick beeswax candle with honey, jasmine iris oil and woody notes. £35, ———- Miller Harris Le Petit Grain An ideal all-year-round scent with orange oil, bergamot, lemon and neroli that is pretty much guaranteed to lift any mood. £40, ———- Molton Brown Patchouli and …

Must jot it down – Nikki Strange notebooks

Follow the lead of stylish stationery fiends by keeping this distracting yet endlessly beautiful ‘Daydreamer’s Notebook’ by Nikki Strange, close by. There are a range of colourful, painterly designs, including Freedom Feather and Sky Souffle (above), ideal for the style-conscious busy-bee. £4.99,