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Take Note: XiN – 3D-printed jewellery

With 3D-printers now available at many a designer’s disposal, the race is on for the most fantastical and extravagant of pieces but what to do if you’re of an impatient nature? Well, you could try taking note of this jewellery range for starters.   Created by Chinese designer Xinran Lu, jewellery brand XiN already boasts three collections that have all been 3D-printed in London and which are now available to buy and wear, with prices ranging from £400 to £8,000. The ‘Shan-Shi’ collection (pictured) – translates as ‘Mountain Lion’ in Chinese, features bold, intricate but minimalist shapes along with luminous gemstones and diamonds that have a mesmerising effect on anyone who catches sight of it. Each piece is designed digitally before being 3D-printed, coated in precious metals and hand-finished with any precious stones added along the way. Here, Xinran gives us some insight into the process behind creating the pieces in his collection. “When I finish a digital model, I send it to the 3D printing workshop. Once I have the 3D printing wax model …

The best Christmas gifts for the house-proud

Your home is your theatre, show it off   Anatomy Boutique Arteries plate £50, “That’s a pretty plate. What is it?” “Oh, some arteries.” How’s that for a conversation starter? If like us, you’re mesmerised by the anatomical illustration on this beautiful hand-guilded, bone china plate, you might like to know there’s a whole set with further anatomy-inspired designs to impress upon your dining guests. – – – – – HAM Superhero Rabbit Screen Print From £29, This artwork perfectly sums up our mood. A simple and elegant, hand-made screen print featuring a silhouette of a daredevil rabbit is the perfect reminder for always putting a spring in your step. – – – – – Sabichi Owl Cushion £15.50, If you’re after an adorable decorative cushion, this ‘goes with everything’ owl design is a pretty wise choice. – – – – – Madebyzen Fresh Mint and Grapefruit Candle £21.99, A bright and beautiful scented candle that fills the room with natural fresh and fruity notes for hours. Better still, the food-grade …

Tom Dixon Sandwich café opens at Harrods

Could this be the most stylish sandwich shop in London? Literally sandwiched between the two Tom Dixon furniture concessions on the third floor at Harrods, is this marvellous new sandwich café designed by Design Research Studio – the interior arm of Tom Dixon. It features cosy, club-style interiors with dark blue, deep green and burgundy hues, offset by statement brass lighting, marble-clad tables and pierced metal screens, all previously unseen. The café, which also serves hot breakfasts, cheese and charcuterie boards and salads, has a great selection of gourmet sandwiches. They may have eye-watering prices (from £11.90 – £18.50) but they have some pretty mouth-watering options, such as: – Roasted Scottish beef with celeriac romoulade, horseradish and crispy shallots on a crusty roll (£12.90) – ‘London Porker’ barbecue hog roast with apple coleslaw and English mustard in a crusty roll (£12.90) – Poached lobster with mango relish and Thousand Island dressing in a soft glazed roll (£18.50) Tom Dixon Sandwich, Third Floor, Harrods, Knightsbridge

Veuve Clicquot invites you to design your own Mailbox

Calling all creatives! Get your design hat on – there is €10,000 (and Champagne) at stake. Champagne house Veuve Clicquot has launched The Re-Creation Awards, an international competition in which members of the public are invited to submit their own Veuve Clicquot Mailbox gift box designs for the chance to realise their creation, as well as pocket a lovely cash sum. The American mailbox-style gift box was inspired by Madame Clicquot’s archived letters to her clients. The winner will have their design turned into a 2015 limited edition mailbox that will see worldwide distribution, and which will be unveiled at Milan Design Week. They will also receive €10,000 and be featured in Wallpaper* magazine. The winner will be chosen from a pool of 20 finalists who will all be flown to Hotel du Marc, Veuve Clicquot’s hotel in Reims, France. The competition boasts an international judging panel including designers Tom Dixon, Pablo Reinoso, Ferrucio Laviani and Central St Martins Professor Nicholas Rhodes. The deadline for entries is 15th November. Entries are to be made at …

Origami’s in fashion: create miniature clothing out of paper

Looking for a fun way to while away the time? How about creating your own fashionable, mini paper wardrobe? It’s about time you got an upgrade on your origami skills, especially if your prowess only stretches as far as the ‘chatterbox’ (or ‘fortune teller’) creation that played such an integral part of primary school life. Introducing the Fashion Origami Set which provides all the instructions (and the paper) for producing dozens of essential wardrobe items, from hats, shoes and bags to underwear, shirts and dresses. There are 28 pages of instructions and 120 sheets of paper, so there’s plenty of opportunity to hone your paper-folding skills into something a little more impressive. £6 from

Take Note: acrylicize – design masterminds

Giving whole new meaning to the act of ‘decorating the office’, art and design studio acrylicize has made a much sought-after business out of making art work in the workplace They’ve created design pieces and art installations in the headquarters of some of the biggest brands in the world and it doesn’t look like the work will let up any time soon bit its inception had pretty humble beginnings. Created whilst at university James Burke, together with his friend Paul Arad, tapped into a concept which looks into new ways of encouraging people outside of the art establishment to engage with art. Burke explains, “I wanted to develop something that could be appreciated by a wide spectrum of people so looked at doing something new with the simple ‘picture on the wall’ concept. The idea of acrylicize was to update the traditional canvas and develop a contemporary alternative using modern materials and technology. That’s where the use of acrylic came in and with it the name acrylicize.” Fast forward a few years and Burke and …

Say it with a card

It’s all too easy to just fire off an email but if you want to do things properly, pick up one of these beautifully charming Prantl notecards illustrated by Kera Till. With 20 different designs, you now have 20 different excuses for putting pen to paper. (From £3.30 per card,

Parisian pop-ups

It’s a pop-up card but not as you know it. Part of the Spots Paris range, this 3D card by Paper Tango of the Louvre is beautifully intricate, having been laser-cut to perfection. A gift card that’s almost too good to gift. What a dilemma! (£5.99,

Liu Bolin disappears in London

“The Invisible Man” showcases another brilliant disappearing act Three new photographs have been released in which Chinese artist Liu Bolin once again seemingly merges into his surroundings. This latest series, Hiding in London, sees him painted into the 7 July memorial at Hyde Park, on a tube platform at Charing Cross Underground Station and against some Underground escalators. The memorial photo commemorates those who have passed, who are no longer physically visible but who will never be forgotten, whilst the Underground photos are a reflection of the sheer numbers of people who pass through London tube stations every day, making a statement about this “invisible” routine of London life. The images were produced whilst Bolin was in London for his first UK solo exhibition, The Heroic Apparition, at Scream London earlier in the year. Liu Bolin’s Hiding in London photographs are available through Scream Editions.

Time for afternoon tea at Sketch

If you haven’t yet paid Sketch a visit since its plush-pink redesign by architect India Mahdavi in which 239 David Shrigley drawings work their way around the Gallery restaurant, its gorgeous afternoon tea should do the trick. The selection of finger sandwiches include an egg mayonnaise filling topped with a fried quail egg and caviar, and a warm mozzarella and pesto croque monsieur. Plain or sultana cube-shaped scones are served with obligatory clotted cream and homemade orange marmalade and strawberry jam. Then there are sweet treats and pastries aplenty from pistachio macaroons and raspberry meringue bites to almond and berry tartlets and strawberry cheesecake (served in glasses). Take note of your ceramic tableware too which come gloriously inked by David Shrigley but tempted as you will be to slip ‘a souvenir’ into your handbag, don’t – the folks at Sketch know how nickable these pieces are and will be making the ceramics available for sale online (from July) so you can create the whole fanfare at home without depriving the restaurant. Afternoon tea is served …