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The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar Launches New Cocktail Menu

Discover the hotel’s illustrious history through 20 cocktails The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy has delved into its star-studded (but also lesser known yet equally compelling) history as a source of inspiration for its new 20-cocktail drinks menu. Combining well-loved ingredients with more unusual essences like paper and leather, the drinks aim to transport you right into the stories that inspired them. Try Incognito (Patron Anejo, popcorn, Averna, Martini Rubino, walnut – £30) which celebrates the Savoy as Katherine Hepburn’s hotel of choice, whose staff exercised the discretion she needed, and following a stay at Claridge’s where due to the formal dress code, she was unable to pass through the lobby so had to use the staff entrance, or The Savoy Delivers (Bacardi Carta Ocho, Martini Bianco, lime, honey, Indian Spices – £16) which recounts the tale of when a page boy travelled all the way to India to hand deliver a package that a maharajah had left behind. The menu itself takes the form of a beautifully illustrated pop-up book, with one story for …

Artistic licence: Christmas stocking fillers

Artistic licence. Arty Christmas gifts. Fenella Smith Dogs Trust Notepad A special place to keep your notes (and doodles). And you can rest assured that for each pad you get through, 25% of the sale will go to the Dogs Trust, so scribble to your heart’s content. £8.50, The Mindfulness Colouring and Activity Book Need a little help unwinding during the madness of the holidays? Grab your colouring pencils and shade in the intricate doodles or let just your mind run freely through the word puzzles. By Gill Hasson and Gilly Lovegrove. £8.99, published by Capstone MeriMeri Santa and Reindeer Crackers Add more fun to the festivities with a six-pack of these brilliant cartoon-like Christmas crackers. You’ll get your joke and toy and you’ll be pleased with the silver foil hat upgrade too. £17.50, Karma Cola Fun and arty on the outside, with Fairtrade and organic ingredients on the inside. This may be the first time you’ll drink cola and actually feel good for it. Oh, and it’s pretty darn tasty too. £1.59, …

Light it up: Anglepoise x Paul Smith

Bring light, style and a flash of fun into any room with this Paul Smith-designed Anglepoise lamp. Subdued shades of grey, blue, green and purple are conducive to a cool and calm working atmosphere whilst the orange accent brings a spark of energy when levels are lagging. And of course, you get the usual high quality construction and freedom of movement that comes with an Anglepoise lamp. This should help get all your bright ideas flowing in next to no time. Anglepoise + Paul Smith Type 75 Desk Lamp, Edition Two. £160,

Art Love Affair: London Art Fair

Get your year off to an enlightening start by finding a talented new artist or compelling piece of work to fall in love with. But where to find enlightenment? Try the London Art Fair for the best in modern British and contemporary art. You might want to visit the fair’s Photo50 exhibition too to explore this year’s ‘Feminine Masculine’ theme through 50 provocative photographs. Tickets on the door cost £20 (£15 in advance). Runs from 20 – 24 January 2016. Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 0QH. (Pictured: LISE by Raphael Thierry. Oil on canvas. Chauchet)

10 Most Wanted

10 covetable products you need to have in your life right now WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED Clear out your umbrella collection to make way for this stunner. Yes, we know it’s summer but you know how the weather likes to rain on the parade. But there’s no need to be glum when it does. This brolly features a paradisiacal beach scene right around the inner canopy, so no matter which way you turn, you’ve always got a magnificent view that transports you to more tropical climes instantly. (Where I’d Rather Be umbrella. £29.99, PLEASE REMAIN SEATED It doesn’t matter that you’ve never cared much about where you end up perching but we challenge you to prise yourself away from this armchair once you’ve curled up onto it. Be prepared to give daggers at the slightest suggestion that anyone else take the seat. (Kolton armchair. £449, SKETCH ON DEMAND If you’ve ever wanted to be immortalised in a piece of art, this app is a pretty good place to start. Simply snap a full-length …

Noma: My Perfect Storm – Director’s Q&A

It’s the last week to help fund a documentary featuring chef Rene Redzepi and his Copenhagen restaurant Noma. There’s a pretty exciting documentary in the making that should delight all foodies from around the world if everything goes according to plan. Noma: My Perfect Storm is a feature-length documentary by director Pierre Deschamps about chef Rene Redzepi and his two-Michelin-starred restaurant Noma, which has topped the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list four times. Deschamps, who is also a trained chef, had exclusive access to film Redzepi and Noma over three years, capturing more than 100 hours of intimate, behind-the scenes footage which is now ready for post-production. To complete this phase, Deschamps has launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to raise $50,000 to prepare it for its theatrical release this summer. Here, Pierre Deschamps discusses how the production came about, the most dramatic moments captured on film and why the Noma story couldn’t have been told any other way but through film. On gaining ‘access all areas’: “I met Rene Redzepi for the first time …

Vera Wang designs Organza dinnerware for Wedgwood

Not only can stylish brides be adorned in Vera Wang gowns, they can now pick up a set of Vera Wang tableware to match too. Inspired by her “Deidre” bridal dress, the designer has created a 14-piece collection of tableware, Vera Organza Dinnerware for Wedgwood, that is reminiscent of the exquisite folds of organza fabric as found in the gown. Sculpted onto fine bone china, the all-white collection shows off the art of layering beautifully, from the rim of the dinner plate to the body of the teapot. It’s perfect as a wedding gift but can also be appreciated by anybody who simply wishes to elevate their tableware for a special occasion. Prices range from £9 – £99. Available at

Don Julio unveils drinkable art

For those who like to interact with their art, here’s a multi-sensory experience you really should raise your glass to. Sitting pretty at M Restaurants, The Don is an art installation created by tequila house Don Julio and design studio Accept & Proceed, that houses some rather tasty goods behind its façade – the clue is in the trio of nozzles attached to the piece. At first glimpse, the artwork features an image of a Mexican sugar skull but as guests fill up their glasses, the piece slowly transforms into a portrait of Don Julio González, the man behind the tequila brand that bears his name. There are approximately 100 serves within the three chambers, each housing a different cocktail serve: The Don is the first in a series of limited edition serves that will be available this year. More artwork that dispense cocktails? We’ll drink to that. Find The Don at M Restaurants, 2-3 Threadneedle Walk, 60 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8HP


25 years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall, we discover why Berlin is still such an extraordinary city to explore.   For too long East Berlin has been outshining its neighbouring West – a result of the economy shifting focus across due to the Cold War and construction of the Berlin Wall. But 25 years on with the reunification of Germany, the spotlight is firmly back on Berlin’s bustling City West district. Whether you want to delve into Berlin’s history, shop, dine, take in some art and culture or just party, there’s plenty to entertain all. Here are the essentials you need to make your trip worthwhile. Spending time in Berlin means snacking on the city’s beloved equivalent of England’s fish and chips, the currywurst – fried sausage with a sprinkling of curry powder and chips. Kurfurstendamm (“Ku’damm” to locals) in Charlottenburg is home to Bier’s Ku’damm, where you can enjoy your sausage with a glass of Champagne. For a more well-rounded and resolutely elegant, albeit more French affair, try Le Faubourg, a …

Study art in style: London Art Studies

What a wonderful way to spend a lunchtime or evening and fast-track your art knowledge. The London Art Studies team have lined up a series of compelling art lectures ranging from The Legacy of Picasso to The Saatchi Decade and the YBAs (Young British Artists), all led by expert art insiders to give you an insightful and thoroughly immersive learning experience. As for your classroom, we hope the Bulgari Hotel will suffice? Right, we’ll see you there then. (Tickets range from £50 – £175. Various lectures run from Jan – Mar 2015. Book at