The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar Launches New Cocktail Menu

Discover the hotel’s illustrious history through 20 cocktails

The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy has delved into its star-studded (but also lesser known yet equally compelling) history as a source of inspiration for its new 20-cocktail drinks menu. Combining well-loved ingredients with more unusual essences like paper and leather, the drinks aim to transport you right into the stories that inspired them.

Try Incognito (Patron Anejo, popcorn, Averna, Martini Rubino, walnut – £30) which celebrates the Savoy as Katherine Hepburn’s hotel of choice, whose staff exercised the discretion she needed, and following a stay at Claridge’s where due to the formal dress code, she was unable to pass through the lobby so had to use the staff entrance, or The Savoy Delivers (Bacardi Carta Ocho, Martini Bianco, lime, honey, Indian Spices – £16) which recounts the tale of when a page boy travelled all the way to India to hand deliver a package that a maharajah had left behind.

The menu itself takes the form of a beautifully illustrated pop-up book, with one story for each of the 20 cocktails. Created by Shotopop, the reverse tunnel book reveals a larger layer at each turn, giving you a glimpse into the next story. It is also designed so you can look back on the previous pages to see all the ingredients and notes that make up the cocktails.

If you can’t prise yourself away, the limited edition (print run of 1,500) books can be purchased for £50.

Beaufort Bar at The Savoy, Covent Garden, London WC2R 0EU

Illustrator, Creative Director, Retouching and Design: Carin Standford of Shotopop
Producer, Art Director, Illustrator: Casper Franken of Shotopop
Print Production: Red Mint Communications
Photography: David Filiberti
Representation: Matthew Shearer of Bernstein and Andriulli