Zippo: warmth in the palm of your hands

The winter essential you need to wrap your hands around.

Zippo Chrome Hand Warmer

There could not be a better time for this handy little warmer to make an entrance into your life. If you thought that a decent pair of gloves were enough to protect your hard-working hands from this winter onslaught, you’ll quickly learn just how wrong you were. Despite being layered up against the biting wind, hands remain stubbornly stone-cold which is why you need an active source of heat to combat the chill.

The Zippo hand warmer is one of the best there is. It’s large enough to provide almost instant relief for cold hands but is still slim enough to fit into your pocket for safe-keeping.
You do need to purchase a bottle of lighter fluid to use as fuel but a little plastic dispenser is included with the hand warmer to help you fill it up. Once you’ve replaced the burner top, run the flame of a lighter across both sides of the burner until the indicator turns red to kick-start the heat, then pop it into the protective pouch and you’re ready to go!

The chrome body (very stylish) does get very hot so keep it in the pouch where possible or handle with woolly gloves. Either way, it keeps hands blissfully toasty, quite a feat really when the plummeting temperature as good as turns every other part of the body numb. On that note, keep it on your person whenever possible to make use of the heat emitted – we’ve hammocked it in our scarves and even stuffed it into our boots.

Once heated, the hand warmer stays warm for up to 12 hours, so if you’ve filled it up to the recommended allowance, you may just be able to harness the heat on your journey both to and from work, making it an essential part of your daily commute.

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