CLAW pops up at The Three Compasses

CLAW Samphire Crab Burger

Fancy a crab burger? Best nip into the CLAW pop-up at The Three Compasses in Dalston.

There’s still time to scurry on over to The Three Compasses pub in East London where crab street food favourite CLAW has taken up residency until the end of the month.

In a bid to ignite a foodie love affair with the humble crab, CLAW has created a small and precise menu of burgers to make it as accessible to busy diners as possible. The crabs, sourced in Devon, are combined with herbs and spices to create a flavoursome patty and come sandwiched between soft, organic brioche buns.

The Samphire and Kimchi burgers (£10 each) are the winners. The names give away the ingredients making it easy for you to decide whether you want to settle down with lighter and milder flavours (Samphire), or whether you need a spicy kick with every mouthful (Kimchi). The flavour of the crab meat certainly shines through with the former and it just about makes its way through the Sriracha sauce fieriness in the latter.

CLAW Octopus burger

There are other seafood options available too, from shrimp burgers with fried capers and tartar sauce (£9.50) to barbecued octopus with pickled cucumber and smoky BBQ sauce (£11). Each burger comes with a generous helping of tarragon-salted fries, all neatly served in a tray to contain the mess that always follows the devouring of a tasty burger.

Bar the cool and crunchy slaw (£3), the sides are a crab and cheese love-in. The Crab & Mac (£5) contains a molten mix of four cheeses with a smattering of crab meat, whilst the large Arancini (£4) come stuffed with crab and mozzarella. It’s certainly not for everyday eating but it definitely does feel endlessly comforting when you’re cosied up inside away from the biting temperatures.

CLAW Lobster BLT

If you can get away from work, there’s a lunch menu available and if you have time for a more leisurely meal, try coming back at the weekend for brunch – we’re already eyeing up the lobster BLT.

Open until the end of January 2016. CLAW at The Three Compasses, 99 Dalston Lane, London E8 1NH.