PizzaBuzz brings tailor-made gourmet pizza to the City

PizzaBuzz restaurant exterior

New restaurant PizzaBuzz livens up Shoreditch and the City by inviting diners to create their own pizzas.

Whether you’re the experimental type, or just a fussy eater, there’s fun to be had in PizzaBuzz, a cool new foodie hangout where you can whip up a tasty, custom-made 12-inch pizza in less than 10 minutes from counter to table.

Set in the newly opened Alphabeta Building, located between Tech City and the City, the restaurant has everything that would appeal to the hipster diner, from colourful, mismatched chairs and curious animal-themed murals to gluten-free pizza bases and curly kale toppings.

PizzaBuzz restaurant interior

Just start at the counter and work your way along the extensive assembly line as you watch your pizza being created. First, pick from one of five pizza bases including margherita (£4.95), verde (£5.95) and tomato-free bianca (£5.95). All the bases are made using the restaurant’s own blend of white and spelt flour, with the addition of spelt helping to aid digestion.

Second, add some protein – there’s pancetta, merguez sausage and fennel salami (£1.50 each) among the standard selection, as well as more premium choices such as pulled pork, silverside beef and smoked salmon (£2 each). Then, add some cheese (£1.95 – £2.50) if you’d like more in addition to what is already on the base. After that, there’s a selection of vegetables including roasted aubergine and butternut squash (£1 each), with the likes of kale and artichoke (£1.50) forming some of the more premium options. Finally, add a sprinkling of herbs (50p each) for extra punch before the pizza is placed into the wood-fired oven where it reaches almost 300C. As the ingredients are pre-cooked, the pizza only needs a couple of minutes before it is ready to be served. It really is that quick!

PizzaBuzz - Gardener and olive oil

Creating your own pizza is by far the most fun – the plethora of combinations will bring you back time and time again and the portioning of ingredients is very reasonable too, so unless you’re being particularly economical, your pizza shouldn’t be too bare. The only downside is the potential for getting carried away with the choosing of ingredients which could prove quite costly.

The upside with the ingredients is that they aren’t diced into oblivion – you can actually taste and savour your toppings. Our portobello mushrooms were chunky and moist, the prawns were large and juicy and the dollops of gooey buffalo mozzarella were substantial enough to make its way onto every slice. The wheat and spelt dough is a tasty combination too, creating a thin, soft base with a slightly crispy outer and chewy inner crust.

PizzaBuzz - Veal meatballs

If the choice proves too much, there’s a great selection of signature ‘Worship Street Loves’ pizzas. There’s an All-Day Breakfast pizza (£8.20) with sausage, bacon, mushroom, tomato and egg, quite apt as this place is open from morning til night, seven days a week. The Veal Meatballs (£9.95) pizza is pretty darn delicious – with large, juicy veal meatballs, caramelised onions and prosciutto in the mix, it’s a savoury sensation, and dare we say it, tastier than even our own creation.

Do make an effort to try out the pots of Mamoo ice cream too. Made in-house, it is available in a range of milks – cow, goat and almond. Check the specials board to see what flavours have been freshly churned. Whatever you choose, the consistency is super smooth and creamy. Pistachio is an outright winner and rose is delicious too – delicate and not at all overpowering.

And there’s plenty to keep you hydrated, from free self-service purified water (any donations will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust) and refillable soft drinks (the freestyle machine lets you choose from 125 combinations), to wine, beer and juices. Those who have to dash needn’t miss out either – if you’re close by, just order ahead using the Flypay app so by the time you’ve stepped inside, your pizza should be ready for collection. Given its location, we wouldn’t expect anything less efficient.

PizzaBuzz, Alphabeta Building, 2B Worship Street, London EC2A 2AH