Bottomless Kate Moss Champagne coupe lunch at 34

34 Cornish crab, pickled cucumber, lemon jelly, blue nasturtium

Mayfair restaurant 34 livens up lunch with the irresistible offer of bottomless Champagne.

Just find an occasion, any occasion, to head to 34 for lunch soon because for a limited time only, you’ll be able to enjoy complimentary top-ups of Champagne. Just order two courses along with a single glass of Champagne and all your subsequent top-ups will be free for the duration of your meal.

Use whatever tactics you like to help stretch out the time for maximum Champagne pleasure. You could try repeatedly requesting “more time” to decide what you will order in the first instance, or when your meal arrives, whip the phone out and photograph your dish from every conceivable angle, then spend some more time reviewing the pictures before duly posting on Instagram. Then repeat the process with your companion’s meal. Or, you could just order a third course and enjoy dessert at lunchtime too – if you’re having Champagne, you might as well go all-out and take your sweet time with a double whammy of treats.

34 Kate Moss Champagne coupe

Do find the time to admire your Champagne glass too before you put it to your lips, for 34 is home to the Kate Moss coupe – specially designed art-deco-finished glasses that have been created from an original mould of Kate Moss’ left breast.

34 Mixed sashimi

Back to tactics, you can do some serious stalling with 34’s bread basket – with slices warm and pillowy soft, you can’t help but take the time to appreciate it. Once you’ve loaded up on the carbs, you’ll do well to start with any of the expertly prepared “Raw” dishes. The mixed sashimi (£17.50) selection is particularly vibrant and features wonderfully thick yet fresh and delicate salmon, tuna and sea bass slices. Alternatively, tender scallops with a smattering of broad beans, mint and crispy pancetta is a lip-smacking salty-sweet success (£18.50).

34 Lobster macaroni with truffle 3 by Sim Canetty-Clarke

A main of tender veal chop (£38) is generously portioned and comes with girolles and onions to help lift the subtle flavour. There are failsafe grills too, with steaks cooked on a custom-made Argentine parilla. Choose the steak frites (£21.50) and you’ll be rewarded with a lean but succulent and perfectly seasoned piece of meat, accompanied by a pot of golden skinny fries. If you want to head to the top of the rung, Australian wagyu steaks are available (from £78 for a rib eye).

34 Raspberry & pistachio nougat, yoghurt sherbet

The lemon meringue pie sundae (£8) is a joyous and tangy way to finish but if you’d prefer a somewhat more adult dessert, crack open the angelic white chocolate tart (£8.50) to reveal a centre of potent liqueur-laced cherries – a fine way to round off a celebratory lunch.

The bottomless champagne lunch is available Monday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm until 30 September.

34 Grosvenor Square (entrance on South Audley Street), Mayfair, London W1K 2HD.