10 Most Wanted

10 covetable products you need to have in your life right now

Where I’d Rather Be umbrella


Clear out your umbrella collection to make way for this stunner. Yes, we know it’s summer but you know how the weather likes to rain on the parade. But there’s no need to be glum when it does. This brolly features a paradisiacal beach scene right around the inner canopy, so no matter which way you turn, you’ve always got a magnificent view that transports you to more tropical climes instantly.
(Where I’d Rather Be umbrella. £29.99,

MADE Kolton Armchair


It doesn’t matter that you’ve never cared much about where you end up perching but we challenge you to prise yourself away from this armchair once you’ve curled up onto it. Be prepared to give daggers at the slightest suggestion that anyone else take the seat.
(Kolton armchair. £449,

Chic Sketch before and after illustration


If you’ve ever wanted to be immortalised in a piece of art, this app is a pretty good place to start. Simply snap a full-length shot of yourself and upload your photo. A fashion illustrator will then sketch and colour away, turning your photo into a beautiful, stylised illustration that you can share to your heart’s content.
(Chic Sketch. £7.99 per sketch, on iOS / Android.)

Smarter Coffee machine


This gadget is a coffee-addict’s dream. Tell the app when and how you want it, and the machine will do it all for you – all you need to do is drink. The ability to set schedules means there’s no time-wasting, you can literally wake up and smell the coffee. Plus, it won’t go cold if you decide to snooze a little, the machine will keep your coffee warm for up to 20 minutes. We’ll drink to that.
(Smarter Coffee machine. £149.99, John Lewis)

Art Rookie - Flamingo plate by Geri Alessi


There are some wise words on this plate so you’d better take the advice. It’s also beautifully illustrated so is definitely one to whip out during dinner parties, especially when serving dessert.
(Flamingo plate by Geri Alessi. From £15,

The Make Pack cupcake pack


Never be caught short again when deciding to “bake your own”. This kit contains everything you need (bar a few perishables) to create a dozen seriously delicious, professional-quality chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, icing paste decorations and all. The ingredients are pre-measured and the instructions are fuss-free so it’s pretty much failproof.
(The Make Pack cupcake pack. £14.95,

Stelle Audio Pillar


When competing with all the commotion of the outdoors, you risk your carefully curated party tunes being reduced to nothing but white noise. Not with this super-sleek speaker. Music comes out loud and clear without that strained “tinny” sound some speakers project when pushed to their limit. It can get through 15 hours of play so should keep you going until the early hours – an obligatory requirement for any decent sound system.
(Stelle Audio Pillar. £249, Selfridges)

AKG Y50 headphones


These snug (and stylish) headphones do a superb job of drowning out the noise from the world, allowing you to fully immerse in your playlist, the sound of which comes through studio-rich and super-clear. It makes for an ideal travel companion too – the clever twist-and-fold mechanism means you can lay them flat to save space and transport around more easily.
(AKG Y50 headphones. £79.99,

Boompods Powercase


Perpetual panic. That’s the state you reach when you know your fully-charged phone won’t make it through the day. Power bars are bulky and scouring for a power socket is no fun, which is why this case with a built-in power source has to be one of life’s essentials. It protects your phone against bumps and bumps up the power by an extra 150%. That’s a bumper piece of kit.
(Boompods Powercase for iPhone 6. £69.99,

Lulu Guinness New Face Pixie Tote


Now here’s an accessory with a bit of character. This leather tote has plenty of room for all your summer essentials, plus it’ll leave a smile on all the faces of those who catch sight of it.
(Lulu Guinness New Face Pixie Tote. £350, House of Fraser)