Noir opens late night bar and kitchen in Marylebone

Noir Bar & Kitchen - The Frolic Room

New evening drinking den Noir opens its doors to late night revellers.

It’s quite handy knowing there’s somewhere close by you can pick up a cocktail to celebrate a successful spree at Selfridges. In fact, Noir, which opens its doors at 5pm, is situated just opposite so there aren’t any excuses.

It’d be a shame not to be outdoors during the summer but you’ve got to be quick to grab an outside table. Alternatively, the main bar area makes for a comfortable pit stop where you can enjoy a quick succession of energising cocktails and some pretty substantial bar bites.

Noir Bar & Kitchen - Chinatown cocktail

Pink Friction (gin, grapefruit, lime, elderflower and lychee foam – £11) and Scarlet Fever (Cognac, blueberries, violet and blueberry liqueurs, blue mist tea and peach – £11) are equally summery sweet and endlessly gulpable. Those in need of a stronger hit should opt for Citizen Cane (aged rum, rum-fashioned syrup, vermouth and amaro – £12) or the smoked Conflicted Hero (mescal, tequila and vermouth).

Noir Bar & Kitchen - Beef Carpaccio

Thankfully, the bar bites here go beyond a bowl of “from the packet” nuts, tortilla chips and popcorn, although the latter is provided, which should help to tide you over whilst your hot food arrives. The “small plates” include oxtail nuggets livened up with some Sriracha-mayo dipping sauce, and prawn tempura with a jalapeno and confit garlic dip. More filling options to share include a crispy-at-the-crust and soft-in-the-centre sourdough pizza (£10) with your pick of fillings (50p each) – the chicken and asparagus is a winning combination, or a chunky sirloin steak toasted baguette with truffle ketchup and blue cheese butter (£12).

If you want to end the night on a livelier note, you can head downstairs to the so-called Frolic Room where you can party until the early hours. And if you still happen to be around on a Sunday, there’s a brunch on offer, which although bafflingly starts at 4pm, does offer bottomless booze.

Noir, 31 Duke Street, London W1U 1LG.