Crab Tavern seafood restaurant and bar opens in the City

Crab Tavern

All-day surf-and-turf restaurant Crab Tavern is the latest foodie spot to open up in burgeoning dining hub Broadgate Circle.

Who says seafood can’t be an everyday indulgence when there’s a feast to be had right in the middle of the City at the newly opened Crab Tavern where you can comfortably crab out on your favourite crustaceans any day of the week.

But don’t let the name above the door fool you because this isn’t a one-trick restaurant. Whilst crab may be their speciality, you’ll find there’s a satisfying selection of other sea and land options too, from the catch of the day (market price) to steak and chips (£25) and pot roast chicken (£17.50). Sandwiches are given an upgrade too with the lobster BLT (£18) and oyster po’ boy (£10) being the highlights. And do try to start with a pot of slip-off-the-bone pork belly ribs (£7.50) that come smothered in a sweet and mildly spicy barbeque sauce that will leave you smacking your lips.

But whilst you’re here, it is certainly worth shelling out for the main attraction. If you don’t mind a bit of work to get to the goods, the Singapore chilli crab (£25) is an impressive sight that provides an equally impressive chilli-tomato kick to accompany the crab meat. For those who just want to get stuck in, the soft shell crab burger (£15) can be happily demolished in whole. Mind you, it’s piled pretty high so you’ll have to get to grips with it but you’ll be duly rewarded with mouthfuls of crunchy, battered crab livened up with sweet red pepper jelly. If you want to leave the carbs out, go for the crab Caesar salad appetiser with crab meat and soft shell crab (from £7.50) which can be super-sized to a main upon request.

With the summer heat in full flow, dessert (£6.50 each) is a must – the brownies with salted caramel ice cream and biscotti crumble is a wonderfully dense and indulgent choice and the pick-your-own-ingredients sundae is pretty joyful too.

Crab Tavern restaurant

It’s a laid-back, easy environment to spend a couple of hours, although the music level in the restaurant area could do with turning down by at least a couple of notches to save diners from a sore throat by the end of the night. There’s a familiar raw, industrial feel that has more ‘hipster’ than ‘slicker’ appeal but the sleek (and invitingly large) bar area shouldn’t have any problems drawing in the Liverpool Street locals in the first instance. Just make sure you get there to grab a prime outdoor seat before the post-work crowd inevitably flocks en masse.

Crab Tavern, Unit 7, Broadgate Circle, London EC2M 2QS