The Berry Company’s got the par-tea started

The Berry Company Special Tea

The Special Tea range created by The Berry Company features five fruit-infused teas that show just show versatile the drink can be.

For a lighter way of drinking tea, pick up any one of these special fruit infusions and you’ll be converted in no time. Among the five varieties are a green tea flavour with a punchy hit of aronia berry, blueberry and lemon juice, a white tea with juicy peach notes, a mild red tea with cranberry, grape and hibiscus, a wonderfully fragrant black tea with elderflower and grape, and the latest addition, a yellow tea with coconut water and lemon.

We’ll emphasise that you don’t have to be a fan of tea to enjoy these drinks as the tea base is very subtle – you’ll taste the fruit flavours over anything else so in that sense you’ll liken it more to a juice drink. The surprising note is just how light and sweet they are yet there aren’t any additional sweeteners, preservatives or artificial flavours and colourings.

The drinks are best enjoyed chilled but we’ll be stocking up on our favourite, the black tea and elderflower variety, to enjoy over an extra-chilled glass of ice at our next barbeque.

£1.30 (330ml) each, available from