Power up: Three-Martini Lunch at 5cc Singer Tavern

5cc Singer Tavern Three-Martini Lunch - pecorino, mushrooma nd truffle toasties

Nothing shows you mean business like a power-fuelled, three-martini lunch.

Modern day Don Drapers: the gauntlet has been thrown. Those curious by the challenge should head to basement cocktail bar 5cc Singer Tavern where revelry and indulgence is the order of the day.

Their new Three-Martini Lunch menu doesn’t mess about. You choose three martinis from a choice of eight but to keep the sitting somewhat responsible, each serving comes accompanied by a small plate of food, though they’re more nibbles than they are hearty dishes so you’d better be able to hold your drink.

5cc Singer Tavern Three-Martini Lunch - crispy duck salad

If you’re not fussy, you can leave the drink pairings down to the experts – the three matches are well made but the team do allow you to have free reign if you’re feeling a bit more rebellious. If you’re drinking with at least one other, there’s your opportunity to go off-recommendation.

But stick to the menu and your first course of mini mushroom, truffle and pecorino toasties will be served with the Montgomery (1.5 parts No.3 gin, 1 part Dolin dry vermouth). This is followed by a crispy duck and broccoli salad along with the Sinatra (6 parts Dorothy Parker gin, 0.5 part Tio Pepe sherry, Regans’ orange bitters). Then a hazelnut brownie with salted caramel sauce comes accompanied with Saints and Sinners (5 parts Dictador Aged gin, 1.5 Lillet Blanc, 0.5 part Fernet Branca, vanilla bitters).

5cc Singer Tavern Three-Martini Lunch - hazelnut brownie

Each course arrives like a ceremony with new glasses and plates to start afresh. All the martinis come bottled (mixed at the bar and poured into mini glass bottles) and have their own mini ice buckets so you can drink at your leisure, which is just as well as you may not have volition for very much else after it – a sign of a successful lunch if nothing else.

The Three-Martini Lunch costs £36 per person and is served from 12pm – 5pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

5cc Singer Tavern, 1 City Road, London EC1Y 1AG.