Chatime: bubble tea time in Shoreditch

Chatime bubble tea - pearl milk and Grapefruit Green Tea

As the popularity of Taiwanese bubble teas continues to bubble, another tea store pop ups in Shoreditch just in time for the summer rush.

There’s something rather addictive about bubble tea. It’s a wonderfully refreshing drink in all its various fruit and milk incarnations, and then there are those “boba” toppings, ranging from chewy tapioca pearls and fruity popping balls, to flavoured jelly slithers.

Bubble tea shop Chatime, which recently opened its eleventh UK store in East London, has a pretty tasty offering, using only natural ingredients. Its menu spans pure, fresh tea, fruit, milk, latte and mousse varieties. All bar the latter along with some of the fruit teas can also be served hot if you don’t fancy sticking with ice-cold tea. Prices range from £2.45 for a small fresh tea to £3.95 for a large tea latte and toppings can also be added at 50p a scoop.

The shop’s most popular drink is the Chatime Milk Tea with tapioca pearls, which combines simple black tea with milk over ice, giving some density to the drink. For a purer, green tea-fix, the matcha milk tea hits the spot. If you’re after more sweetness though, opt for a mousse tea – these combine fresh teas with a mousse powder to add a creamier consistency, or you can drink your dessert with a chocolate variety.

The mango green tea is also a popular choice and justified at that. Do add a helping of sweet coconut jelly, then prepare to inhale the lot – it was by far our favourite combination with plenty to chew on afterwards. And as summer nears, expect queues for the smoothies – think banana-chocolate or passion fruit slush. Start lining up now.

Chatime, 65a Rivington Street, London EC2A 3QQ.