B.Fresh: Give me the (cold-pressed) juice

B.Fresh cold-pressed juices

As the popularity of cold-pressed juices continues to gain momentum, juice brand B.Fresh expands their range to 10 flavours.

Highly nutritious and low in sugar and calories – these are the prime benefits offered by cold-pressed juices over those made using more common extracting and juicing methods where heat can compromise some of the nutrients. When fruit and vegetables are cold-pressed, they are put through a High Pressure Process (HPP) using a hydraulic machine that uses pressure to squeeze out the juice, so much more of the goodness (the vitamins, minerals and enzymes) is preserved. This is why it’s the preferred juice of choice for health fanatics.

The range of juices by B.Fresh are created using this very method on a farm in Shropshire. Among the flavours are #easybeet (an earthy beetroot blend made lighter with plenty of apple and carrot and a bit of lemon), #sweetgreens (a delicious, sweet blend of apple, spinach, kale and lemon) and #theorangeone (a winning combination of orange and carrot). All go down pretty easily and taste as good as the freshly-squeezed stuff, albeit without any pulp so it’s all light and smoothness.

The latest introduction is #greenglow (cucumber, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, lemon and ginger) which sadly didn’t go down at all. Its thin consistency and unmistakeable notes of watery lettuce made it a struggle to finish. And after taking less than an hour’s break in a bid to work up the courage to have another go, the juices had sadly separated so on that occasion, the juicing fanatic in us also decided to follow suit and split.

B.Fresh juices cost £15 for six bottles, available at