Argentine feasting festival Comilona comes to London

Comilona festival in London

Week-long festival Comilona pops up in London with nine top Argentine chefs to celebrate the cuisine, history and culture of Buenos Aires.

If ever there was a time to immerse yourself in the world of Argentine cuisine, this week is it. ‘Comilona’, the colloquial Spanish word for feast, promises to offer just that in a series of tasting menus, talks and masterclasses on both the traditional and modern cuisines that shape the city of Buenos Aires.

Organised by Diego Jacquet, founder of Malevo Group, along with the Official Tourist Board for Buenos Aires, the festival brings together chefs including Soledad Nardelli (Chila in Buenos Aires, Argentina), Victor Trochi (Les Magnolies in Girona, Spain), Valeria Digiacomo (Il Sole di Ranco in Varase, Italy) and Diego Cardoso (Percy & Founders in London, UK).

Dinners will be available each night with restaurant Zoilo on Duke Street focusing on current and future foodie trends, whilst restaurant Casa Malevo on Connaught Street explores Argentina’s more classic cuisines. Butcher and wine store Abasto on Connaught Street will host two produce and recipe masterclasses focusing on “Argentine meat, empanadas and traditional sauces” and “Buenos Aires cuisine, history and tradition”, both followed by a tasting session.

Dinner at Zoilo costs £45 per person (four courses) and £40 per person (three courses) at Casa Malevo. Masterclasses at Abasto cost £25 (redeemable against purchases).

Comilona runs from 11th – 15th May.