Punchdrunk launches immersive storytelling app Silverpoint

Silverpoint app screenshots

New storytelling-gaming app by Absolut, Punchdrunk and Somethin’ Else lets you explore the mystery of a missing girl known as Chloe in a series of digital games and live experiences that bring you closer to the truth.

If you want to solve the mystery, you’ve got to work for it. Only by playing the app game and committing yourself to unlocking all of the necessary stages will you discover the full story of what has happened to character of Chloe.

Silverpoint newspaper clipping

Created by immersive theatre production specialists Punchdrunk along with content agency Somethin’ Else, Silverpoint takes its inspiration from Andy Warhol’s early work – his rarely-seen blotted-line ‘Silverpoint’ drawings, a style that can be seen in one of his sketches of an Absolut vodka bottle. The app is beautifully designed so you can’t help but be glued to the screen and the accompanying twinkling sound effects are entrancing too.

Silverpoint app screenshots 2

The premise is simple – earn enough points in each game to progress to the next level by matching at least three of each symbol. You’ll soon find that it will become insanely addictive. At regular intervals, snippets of the story will be presented for you to piece together too.

As you start to come to the heart of the story, you’ll begin to earn real-life rewards (CLUE: Absolut are involved so a drink might be in order) so expect to go exploring around London to immerse yourself in the experience. If you can’t make it into London, don’t worry, you can just skip the live experiences but it is all part of the fun if you are in town.

Download the Silverpoint app here, only available on iOS via the App Store.