Chinese New Year additions at Yauatcha

Yauatcha Chinese New Year Window display

Yauatcha celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year with a special edition menu, pop art window display and woolly makeover throughout February in honour of the Year of the Sheep.

If you happen to pass the windows at dim sum restaurant Yauatcha, you might well do a double take, for yes, those colourful pop art portraits staring straight at you are indeed of sheep. And the fun continues inside where you’ll find more vibrant portraits dotted around the restaurant along with neon blue, pink and yellow sheep statues, all to help mark the start of the Year of the Sheep.

Yauatcha sheep

Yauatcha Chinese New Year interiors

You may also notice the columns wrapped in bright red woolly coats and the odd splash of colour amongst the sea of grey chairs. No, the padding isn’t there to cushion any bumps and Yauatcha hasn’t run out of chairs. The bright accents are entirely intentional and is the result of a collaboration with The Campaign for Wool to mark the date in the Chinese calendar.

Yauatcha sheep interiors

But those aren’t the only reasons for visiting before February is up. For the rest of the month, the restaurant will be serving a limited edition menu featuring dim sum such as goldfish dumplings (£6.80) – don’t worry, they’re just prawn dumplings shaped like goldfish but are seriously succulent, and fried sesame balls (£5.50) with a warm black sesame centre. Mongolian lamp chops (£18.80) are a wonderful sweet and sticky addition too.

Yauatcha petits gateaux Chinese New Year

The desserts take the sheep theme one step further, producing some pretty tasty results. The yoghurt bavarois (£8.80) is made with sheep’s milk and features a lovely zingy lemon curd centre and the indulgent and addictive dulce de leche macarons (£1.80 each) are made from caramelised sheep’s milk.

Yauatcha Yang Walker cocktail, macaron and petits gateaux

To help keep the palate moist throughout, the one-off Yáng Walker (£11) is worth a sip – the cocktail contains Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky and a raft of Asian ingredients including Du Kang Baijiu (a popular Chinese spirit), Japanese plum sake, rosemary, grapefruit juice, ginger bitters and lime.

And if you manage to make it down in time for this afternoon, you’ll be treated to a magnificent celebratory Chinese lion dance – a Chinese tradition that is really worth the spectacle. If not, just make sure you visit before the end of the month to enjoy the rest of the delights.

Yauatcha, 15-17 Broadwick Street, London W1F 0DL