Aqua Kyoto New Year Solutions

aqua kyoto restaurant

Determined not to break your health kick when dining out? Try
Japanese restaurant Aqua Kyoto’s New Year Solutions menu.

One month in, if you’ve managed to keep your New Year’s resolutions, hats off to you. You deserve a treat. But don’t worry, this one won’t make you fall off the wagon.

The New Year Solutions menu is a deliciously light but perfectly filling three-course meal that will actually complement your intention for healthy and nutritious eating.

aqua kyoto Tuna Tataki with braised diakon and sea buckthorn berry

A vibrant sashimi trio of salmon, tuna and sea bass comes to the table on a bowl of crushed ice to keep it fresh and is as delicate and tasty as you could expect. The tuna is a wonderfully light option too – three slices with braised daikon and sea buckthorn berries set in a jelly su miso sauce. Don’t underestimate the spinach rolls though – the aroma from the crushed sesame seeds and goma dressing that accompanies it will win you over before you’ve even taken a bite.

aqua kyoto Spinach rolls with toasted sesame

If you’re after indulgent food without the guilt, the main of braised lamb with grilled aubergines and rice will do the trick. The lamb is so tender that almost no chewing is required but there’s just enough bite with the aubergines to keep you from clearing the dish in astonishing speed. The bowl of udon noodles in a dashi soup with tender chunks of salmon is beautifully fragrant and perfect if you need warming up, although the broth is a tad too sweet to polish off completely but you’d be impressed with our effort.

Then there’s the dessert – do not skip it. It contains green tea. Green tea = good, remember? Chef Paul Greening sure knows how to create a good-looking (and tasty) dessert – here’s proof, and he doesn’t disappoint here either. A chocolate and matcha cake with a savoury-sweet miso milk sorbet and chocolate wafer is a pretty arrangement, one which is then duly demolished, leaving clear plates to pass on our compliments.

The three-course meal costs £27 per person. Available for lunch and dinner until 28th March 2015.

Aqua London, 5th Floor, 240 Regent Street (entrance at 30 Argyll Street), London W1B 3BR.