You’re a Rock Star: Tresor Paris Club 7 topaz necklace

Tresor Paris Club 7 Topaz necklace

You don’t want a necklace that just makes a statement. You want a necklace that makes everything come to a halt. And we think this super-sized jewelled beauty will do the trick rather nicely.

The enormous 225-carat blue topaz, set in 18-carat white gold and diamond-encrusted, needs eight claws to hold it firmly in place, each of which feature a set of 3-carat diamonds of their own. Even a triple chain strong enough to hold the weight is necessary. There is no support act here – every single part of this necklace is superlative in its role and determined not to be outshone. Impressive. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Price: just under £50,000.