Tombo: matcha made in heaven

Tombo matcha tea

If you happen to stumble upon this charming little Japanese café in South Kensington, you’ve got a wonderful find on your hands. Yes, it may seem far too cosy for comfort in the first instance (a good two dozen seats all tightly packed into one room), but you’ll soon forget the intimacy issues once a very sweet staff member settles you down with a tall glass of a refreshingly frothy matcha frappe (£4.95) and a moreish matcha brownie slice (£2.80).

Tombo matcha tart

If you haven’t realised already, they specialise in serving pure, antioxidant-rich matcha, in traditional tea form but also in desserts, cakes and pastries – all deliciously done at that. For something a bit more substantial, their ‘make your own’ bento boxes (£10.95) are seriously tasty with all sorts of textures from the four assorted sides to keep your palate excited. Sashimi along with various hot noodle and rice bowls are also available if you need warming up in the evenings.

Tombo sushi

29 Thurloe Place, London SW7 2HQ.