The best Christmas gifts for the house-proud

Your home is your theatre, show it off


Anatomy Boutique, Anatomy of Digestion Arteries plate

Anatomy Boutique Arteries plate
“That’s a pretty plate. What is it?”
“Oh, some arteries.”
How’s that for a conversation starter? If like us, you’re mesmerised by the anatomical illustration on this beautiful hand-guilded, bone china plate, you might like to know there’s a whole set with further anatomy-inspired designs to impress upon your dining guests.

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HAM Superhero Rabbit Screen Print

HAM Superhero Rabbit Screen Print
From £29,
This artwork perfectly sums up our mood. A simple and elegant, hand-made screen print featuring a silhouette of a daredevil rabbit is the perfect reminder for always putting a spring in your step.

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Sabichi Owl cushion

Sabichi Owl Cushion
If you’re after an adorable decorative cushion, this ‘goes with everything’ owl design is a pretty wise choice.

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madebyzen Fresh Mint and Grapefruit candle

Madebyzen Fresh Mint and Grapefruit Candle
A bright and beautiful scented candle that fills the room with natural fresh and fruity notes for hours. Better still, the food-grade wax is toxin-free and the wick is made from pure cotton. Truly heaven scent.

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Zuzunaga Fire cushion - Squaring of the Circle collection

Zuzunaga Fire Cushion
What a way to brighten up a room. The pixelated pattern plays with your eyes and adds an instant modern vibrancy.

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SensiChic Orange & Clove candle

SensiChic Orange & Clove Candle
This is exactly what we want Christmas to smell like – warm with perfectly balanced notes of citrus and spices, fragrant but not overpowering so you can light it all year round. This scent gets it spot on.

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Farewell, Engraved by Henri  Reidel, 1920 (Litho) by Georges Barbier

Farewell print by Georges Barbier and Henri Reidel
From £45.99,
A gorgeous colour print showcasing the style and elegance of the 1920s. Hopefully it will serve as inspiration for your own celebrations.