The best Christmas gifts for techies

Clever gadgets for clever people


Stelle GoGo Speaker

Stelle Audio Go-Go Speaker
A brilliant speaker for enjoying music on the go, plus, it firmly ticks the style box. A removable strap allows you to hang it wherever you like (up to 50 feet from a connected Bluetooth device) and you can even mount it onto the handlebars of a bike so you can groove as you move.

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X-mini KAI 2 speaker - Blue

X-mini KAI 2 Capsule Speaker
£39.95, x-mini-com
This portable speaker, with ceramic drivers that deliver loud and clear sound, doubles up as an excellent mobile conferencing tool. A clever, built-in noise-cancelling microphone helps to filter out background disturbances so you can hold quality conversations wherever you are.

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Huawei TalkBand B1 watch

Huawei TalkBand B1
This sleek wearable tech packs a whole lot of function into a single band. There’s a fitness monitor to keep track of your activity levels, an alerts function so you can screen incoming calls and emails, a nifty screen that pops out doubling up as a wireless earpiece so you can make phone calls, and a sleep monitor with a silent vibrating alarm so others aren’t disturbed. A useful piece of kit for day and night.

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MIPOW Mirror Power Charger

MiPow Mirror Power Charger
What a fantastic invention this is. Not only does it provide that much-needed emergency charge which your phone will no doubt need by the end of the night, it’s also a handy little mirror with a built-in backlight so you can power-up and do your make-up simultaneously. How’s that for efficiency?

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OSPREY LONDON The Salsa iPad Clutch in oxblood

Osprey London The Salsa iPad Clutch
Tech-conscious and stylish, every lady needs a clutch like this. Ideally sized to protect your iPad by day, this croc-print leather beauty in a head-turning oxblood red, holds every other essential you need by night.

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Filan Sleeve - wowthem

Filan Battery Sleeve
A clever two-in-one case that protects mini-tablets and e-readers from knocks and scrapes whilst charging it up (via a USB cable) with its built-in power supply. Its rechargeable battery provides four full charges for a smartphone and one full charge for a mini-tablet. Perfect for powering up on the move.