Food mash-up alert! Introducing Muffles aka marshmallow truffles

Anges de Sucre muffles group

Is the world ready for yet another foodie hybrid? When they look this good…err, YES.

You’d better prepare for a stampede down at Kensington’s delightful little patisserie Anges de Sucre, for they have just unleashed unto the world one of the most drool-worthy creations yet.

Anges de Sucre muffles group 2

These little beauties are marshmallow and chocolate truffles – or to put it more succinctly, Muffles, and there are three different flavours to chomp through.

Anges de Sucre - Super Muffle Cindy

Super Muffle Cindy (above) has a Belgian milk chocolate and crushed caramelised speculoos ‘biscoff’ cookie shell filled with vanilla bean pod marshmallow and a dark chocolate ganache core.

Anges de Sucre - Super Muffle Heidi

Super Muffle Heidi (above) features a Belgian milk and white chocolate marbled shell rolled in roasted crushed peanuts with a vanilla bean pod marshmallow filling and salted caramel centre.

Anges de Sucre - Super Muffle Naomi

Super Muffle Naomi (above) has a Belgian 70% dark chocolate shell covered in crushed hazelnuts filled with a banana puree marshmallow and chocolate and Nutella core.

Sweet, crunchy, airy and gooey – all the things one would want in a sweet treat, all rolled into one, so what’s not to love?

Anges de Sucre bag of three muffles

A bag of three Muffles costs £5.50. Available from Anges de Sucre, 1 Holland Street, London, W8 4NA.