A Groov-e music companion

Groov-e Soundbox Splash-Proof Wireless Speaker with phoneAll music lovers understand the need to be able to play our tunes whenever and wherever we choose, so our phones are never far away, but we also understand the limitations. There is only so much our phones can blare out on loudspeaker before the sound quality becomes negligible. In these instances, a small, portable wireless speaker may be just what you need. We like the Groov-e Soundbox Splash-Proof Wireless Speaker (£39.99, for those very reasons, and more.

Wireless connection is made via Bluetooth so you can also connect your tablet from up to 10m away, or you can always use the 3.5mm audio output. When fully charged (via a micro USB port), you get up to five hours of music playback which comes out really clear and crisp. The bass is good also, all helped in part by the rubber casing which absorbs excessive vibrations which would otherwise compromise the sound quality. The volume can be adjusted using the buttons along the top or via the volume control on your device.

Groov-e Soundbox Splash-Proof Wireless Speaker

But not only is it great for amplifying your music, it’s also useful for taking and making hands-free phone calls thanks to a built-in microphone. Again, the sound quality is pretty good and you don’t seem to experience that ‘muffled’ effect with your phone’s usual loudspeaker option.

Better still, it’s splash-proof so you can take it into the shower, or poolside on holiday. There’s even a handy strap so you can carry it easily wherever you decide to take it.