Only a fairy tale ending at The Fable

The Fable Dining table

When a restaurant declares its inspiration from fantastical fables and fairy tales, it’s quite alright to question whether it may be too twee for your liking. However, as with all good fables, the moral of this foodie story is to not judge a place by its name. ‘Pretty’ it certainly is but The Fable is also perfectly smart – ideal for a working lunch or a laid-back evening with friends.

The Fable Dining area

When choosing cocktails, make one of them the white wine and grapes (peardrop-infused vodka, elderflower, Sauvignon Blanc and grapes – the latter are for snacking on).

The crowning glory of the menu, in which steak and burgers features heavily, is the lobster and burger. The lobster side is quite a marvel so expect curious glances from nearby diners as you claw your way in. However, the simple rib-eye is the most satisfying – never mind that you’re full halfway through, this hunk of meat deserves to be devoured. And for those unable to decide between desserts, the choice is made easy – the trio of mini pudding shots (brownie, raspberry sorbet and lemon syllabub). How’s that for a happy ending?

The Fable. 52 Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2FD.