Jewels: give me five

It’s comforting to know that when all else fails, you can always rely on jewellery to put a smile on your face. Here are our picks of the prettiest jewels to help brighten up your day.

Anton Heunis belle epoque ring

ABOVE: A striking but opulent cocktail ring with wonderfully deep and vivid Swarovski crystals that will add drama to any outfit.
Anton Heunis Belle Époque ring (£83,


ABOVE: Here’s a way to make a statement. This bold necklace with an array of topaz green, baby pink and smokey-coloured crystals is guaranteed to turn heads.
MAIOCCI Mauka Pearl Green necklace (£310,


Melissa Kandiyoti Jewels duchess-bangle

ABOVE: Show-stopping yet elegant, this gun metal grey bangle is perfectly accented with the ocean blue tones of two giant crystals.
Melissa Kandiyoti Jewels Duchess bangle (£199,

Theo Fennell Gemfield Emerald Pendant

ABOVE: Who wouldn’t go green with envy at the sight of this eye-wateringly expensive but equally breath-taking 18ct white gold and emerald beauty?
Theo Fennell Gemfields Emerald necklace (£15,950,

Vashi Ruby Stud earrings

ABOVE: You really can’t ask for more than diamonds and rubies, especially when they’re set this simply and beautifully.
Vashi Diamond and Ruby stud earrings (£1,399,