Tresor Paris: daintily does it

You know, going big and bold with your jewellery isn’t the only way to turn heads. There’s something about the very fine, barely-there nature of more delicate and dainty pieces that make them somewhat more alluring.

Is it the glint that suddenly catches the eye but being so subtle, you almost miss it, so intrigued and curious for another glance, you long to look again, only more up-close this time? Quite possibly. Need examples? We can give you three from the Tresor Paris Bellatrix collection.

Tresor Paris Altesse BleuABOVE: Classical in style, this almost feather-light Altesse Bleu bracelet (£89) with its royal blue crystal centrepiece commands attention.

Tresor Paris Pluie ArgentABOVE: With five plain white gold-plated stainless steel beads serving as decoration, Pluie Argent (£49) is simplicity at its best.

Tresor Paris FloconABOVE: Or you can take simplicity up a step with this triple-threaded sterling silver Flocon bracelet (£79) featuring five glittering white crystal-coated beads.