The best story not yet told? The Story of Design

The Story of Design

It is easy to take for granted those little things which enable us to tick along comfortably and efficiently, day in day out, without appreciating just how good we’ve got it and how far we’ve come, and in just the past few years alone, in the design and technology stakes.

Our demand for more and better than we currently have is an overwhelming and never-ending quest that is the driving force behind modern day innovation and design – mainly through the means of technology. As Charlotte and Peter Fiell, design historians and authors of The Story of Design, explain, design is simply a means of problem-solving, a quality that is built into our DNA, the result of which has and will continue to shape and improve the way and world in which we live.

The Story of Design, seemingly the first book of its kind, chronicles this very evolution of design from rudimentary stone tools made by chipping away flint in the pre-historic era, to the advent of mass manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution which has since created two approaches to design – production for the masses and more bespoke solutions, to the 3-D printers of our Digital Age.

With text rich in history, the research into which by the authors has clearly been vast and arduous, and brilliantly packed with imagery, The Story of Design not only makes for the finest of coffee table books but also the most magnificent of learning tomes, one that delves wonderfully into the history and pioneers of design for seasoned and budding design-hounds alike.

The Story of Design by Charlotte and Peter Fiell (published by Goodman Fiell) costs £30.