Must cook the book: Treme

Treme Cover

For a taster of modern day New Orleans, you would do well to start in the kitchen. After all, there’s nothing like a plateful of food to help bring the traditions and flavours of a city to life.

Based on Treme, a US television series named after a city in New Orleans, Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans reads like a culinary love story for the city.

Creole Succotash

Bayona's cafe au lait

The cookbook features over 100 recipes that showcase and celebrate the heritage and spirit of the city. Included are dishes such as crawfish ravioli, Creole succotash, bread pudding and different variations of gumbo. There are also wonderful stories revealing the history and traditions of various dishes to give you further insight into the city and its cuisine. Pick up a book and let the journey begin.

Treme by Lolis Eric Elie, published by Chronicle. £18.99, available at The HBO Store